Is Windows 7 Optional At Lenovo, Or Not?

Greg wanted to order Lenovo’s new ultraportable laptop, the x120e, without Windows 7. A site error briefly let some customers (including Greg) order the computer without an operating system, but then restored the unwanted OS when he went to check out. He hopped on customer support chat, and found a representative who… well, we don’t want to say that the rep “lied,” but they were certainly misinformed about the company’s own products.

Late last night Lenovo released their new netbook/ultraportable laptop the x120e. In checkout the option was given to buy the laptop without windows 7 saving 120 bucks. I went to checkout again this afternoon and the option was gone. I did some research and it looks like the option was taken away and labeled “web error”, if you take a look over at and browse through the comments is seems theres a decent amount of people experiencing the same issue. Below is a conversation I had with one of their sales reps in trying to defer me away from the obvious issue.

Please wait while we connect with you with a Lenovo Chat Representative.
You have been connected to [Chat Rep].
[Chat Rep]: Thank you for choosing Lenovo chat service. My name is [Chat Rep] and my rep ID is [redacted]. What can I help you with today?
greg: Hey Im interested in purchasing an x120e but I’m having a problem configuring the specs
[Chat Rep]: Ok, sure. How can I help?
greg: in the category “Operating System” there seems to be a missing option
greg: compared to yesterday
greg: I wanted to order this item with just lenovo DOS
[Chat Rep]: That was an error. All of our systems have to come with operating systems.
greg: DOS is an operating system
[Chat Rep]: It has to come with Windows 7 operating system.
greg: But you do sell products that don’t have windows 7 because in your “Help me decide” article it mentions Linux configurations.
[Chat Rep]: Unfortunately not.
greg: Huh? Please explain.
[Chat Rep]: We only offer Windows 7 on all systems.
greg: After a quick search I see you sell your TS200v with the option of no operating system installed.
greg: So I would like to just purchase the x120e with the options Lenovo offers.
[Chat Rep]: Im sorry, all of our laptops come with an operating system.
greg: But I don’t appreciate the mis information as a customer stating that all your products must come with something when they obviously all don’t.
[Chat Rep]: Ok, I do apologize. That was a web error.
[Chat Rep]: Have a nice night,
greg: I’m sorry?
[Chat Rep]: That was a mistake. I apologize sir.
greg: And whether it be a web error or not I believe Lenovo should fulfill that.
[Chat Rep]: ok
greg: Or that could be considered false advertising or “bait-and-switch” tatics
[Chat Rep]: There is nothing else I can do for you. Im sorry.

Now in this conversation she lies to me, tries to shrug the issue off and say goodnight and claims no thing can be done about it. From my understanding some people who purchased the laptops during “error” are still getting their machines. Just thought I’d give you guys a heads up.

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