Rhapsody Threatens To Pull Service From iDevices Over New App Subscription Model

Apple has this great new idea: App developers will pay the company 30 percent of in-app sales, including subscriptions. Also, Apple alone gets to keep the customers’ name and contact info, requiring third parties to ask users to opt in to sharing the info with them. Well, the initiative is great for Apple, but not so much for others who may see a hefty cut in their revenues.

Rhapsody is one such potential loser, and CNNMoney reports the music streaming company is so mad it’s threatening to yank its service away from iPhones and iPads.

Says Rhapsody’s president:

“It’s pretty simple math: they’re asking us to sell a product for less than it costs to deliver it. Rhapsody is not going to choose to do that. Before the official announcement we weren’t entirely clear about the terms. Well, it’s certainly clear now.”

If you stream Rhapsody on an iThing, what does this mean to you?

Rhapsody: Apple has gone too far [CNNMoney]

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