Man Suing Walmart Claims They Sold Him A Fake iPad And Refused To Refund His Money

A man in Georgia is suing Walmart, claiming a store sold him a fake iPad. As the reporter from WSBTV says, “iPad? More like a Lie Pad!” Zing!

Ken L. shows the alleged Apple tablet in the report — with its fake glass, fake picture and overall fakey-ness — comparing it against an actual iPad purchased at an Apple store.

The reporter takes the device in question to an Apple technician, who says it seems to be a store display with no inner workings. What most likely happened is what’s known as a “brick in the box return,” meaning someone else bought a real iPad and then returned a fake one to pocket the cash.

Problem is — Ken L. says when he tried to return the iPad and get his money back, the Walmart associate he spoke to accused him of pulling the switcheroo himself and refused him a refund. And so he’s heading to small claims court to get his money’s worth.

A Walmart spokesman says they’ll continue to investigate the matter and plan to respond to his claim through the legal process.

It’s a good thing I only shop at Walmart when I want to buy Hannah Montana clothing. Ahem.

Man Claims Walmart Sold Fake iPad, Refuses Refund []

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