5 Financial Mistakes We Make When Blinded By Love

There are two big calendar dates in the offing for many consumers: Valentine’s Day and Tax Day. So it would only make sense to look at those stupid financial mistakes we make in the name of love.

We’ve already discussed the number of people who’ve committed financial infidelity, along with ways to come clean before you’re caught cheating.

Now, over at TheStreet.com, they’ve compiled a list of the five biggest miscues that people in relationships make in the name of love.

1) Co-signing a loan:
Before you put your name next to your loved one’s on that loan document, be sure you know precisely why they require a co-signer and that they’ll be responsible enough to pay it back on their own. If they default, you could be on the hook, even if you’re no longer together.

2) Paying their bills:
It’s one thing to split shared bills — rent, utilities — when you’re living with someone, but it’s another thing to accept the burden of paying off someone else’s credit card. Additionally, some experts advise against getting joint credit cards because it can be very hard to separate that account if the relationship goes south.

3) Dragging in family members:
It may be tempting to ask in-laws to lend money or co-sign on a loan, but if it’s not exactly a good idea to co-sign on a your loved one’s loan, why would you want to add even more people (and therefore more potential for problems) into the equation?

4) Moving too fast:
Just because you’re head-over-heels in love right now doesn’t mean you will still feel that way a few years down the road. Too many people rush into buying property with their significant other, only to find out that the relationship wasn’t built on the most solid of foundations.

5) Not having an exit strategy:
Discussing finances with a loved one is anti-romantic, so discussing what could happen to those finances if the relationship were to go kaput can get downright ugly. Even so, it’s important for anyone who decides to join accounts, buy property and share assets with a loved one to also think about how those things would be divvied up if the relationship ends.

What financial mistakes have you made in the name of love?

5 Financial Miscues in the Name of Love [TheStreet.com]

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