Home Depot Employee Makes Good On Delivery With His Own Vehicle

When a Home Depot associate promised Rose M. and her husband that the items they needed on a deadline would arrive on time, they were worried that their project would be left in limbo if those pieces failed to appear. So when the store didn’t, in fact, have their items, they were bummed. But just temporarily!

Rose writes that instead of just leaving her without the pieces needed to complete her home shelving operation, which she had only a short window of time to complete, a manager at Home Depot took it upon himself to make sure he followed through on his promise to meet that deadline.

“However, a delivery truck didn’t arrive on time, so the manager drove to another store (in another state) to pick up the items and bring them back for us. Win.”

When her husband arrived at Home Depot to pick up the items, he learned that the manager had gone out that morning to get the items so they’d be there by 10 a.m.

Gold star for you, Home Depot manager! As Rose writes, “Honestly, in my own time in retail, we’d done similar things to fill orders that we’d accepted as a matter of course, but I never expected to see that same attitude in a big box store.”

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