Consumer Reports Devours 800 Slices Of Frozen Pizza So You Don't Have To

In addition to the millions of slices of pizza being delivered and picked up from pizzerias around the country on Super Bowl Sunday, plenty of football-watching folks will be tossing a frozen pie in to the oven. For those still wondering which frozen pizza to purchase, the labcoat-lovin’ testers at Consumer Reports recently pigged out on the stuff, with surprising results.

CR tested 16 different brands of frozen pizza (see video at the bottom), and while they didn’t find any the testers could label as Excellent, 11 of them rated as Very Good, meaning a “generally fresh-tasting combo of sauce, cheese and crust. And all the remaining pizzas were rated as Good or “OK, though more flaws in crust, cheese, sauce and/or spices.”

Interestingly enough, the pizza that received the highest overall rating, Amy’s Cornmeal Crust 3 Cheese, was also the one with the best nutritional value. Conversely, the least-healthy pie of the bunch, Totino’s Crisp Crust Triple Cheese, received the lowest overall score.

In addition to the Amy’s pizza, CR also recommended the Home Run Inn Classic Cheese and labeled the DiGiorno Rising Crust Four Cheese as a Best Buy.

What’s your favorite frozen pizza? Some of us here at Consumerist HQ were more than a little surprised at how poorly Totino’s fared, but that might be because we survived on the stuff until the age of 30.

Of course, we can’t vouch for any of the other pizzas since the greedy tasters at CR wouldn’t share.

DiGiorno Rising Crust Four Cheese Named a CR Best Buy in Tests of Frozen Pizzas [Consumer Reports]