Analyst Says NBC Universal-Comcast Union Will Make Cable Prices Rise Faster

Now that NBC Universal and Comcast have sealed their civil union to become NBCUniversal — isn’t it adorable how she took his name? — it will presumably soon be time for subscribers to give the company its wedding gifts: Higher cable rates.

An analyst who isn’t exactly making the boldest of predictions tells Home Media Magazine that the merger will continue to accelerate the rise of average cable prices, which have more than doubled since 1995, soaring from $22.35 to $49.65.

Says the analyst, from bill negotiating service CBSaver:

“Cable prices have been spiraling out of control, well outpacing increases in other household goods. We are talking about 100%-plus growth in the cost of cable in past decade and it is has only just begun. It really is a David vs. Goliath situation.”

How much do you pay for cable, and how much would you pay before you cut the cord?

Analyst: Comcast-NBC Universal Merger Will Accelerate Cable Price Increases [Home Media Magazine via High-def Digest]

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