Pittsburgh Man's House Gets Demolished By Accident


A Pittsburgh man came back home after the holidays to find his house was completely gone. Where it stood was an empty lot, covered in hay. It turns out the city had demolished it, by mistake. They really meant to tear down the house next door. Whoops!

The man’s West End home was slated for demo last year but he got a court order to stop it and made various improvements. The city told the demolition firm to not tear his house down, but “a couple things went awry,” said the city’s acting chief of Pittsburgh’s Bureau of Building Inspection. The city said they would review what happened and not pay the demo company, but paying for the house would be something the man and the demo company would have to settle themselves.

West End demolition leaves property, owner empty [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
Demolition firm admits it erred by tearing down Sheraden home [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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