More People Stream Netflix, Fewer Subscribe To Premium Channels

There are only so many monthly fees people are willing to pay to watch movies at home, and Netflix’s options seem to be dominating those of premium channels.

Home Media Magazine reports Time Warner Cable lost 141,000 premium and video-on-demand subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2010. Meanwhile, Netflix picked up 3 million subscribers in the quarter, part of the 7.7 million it added in the year. A third of new subscribers are opting for the $7.99 streaming-only plan.

While HBO, Showtime and Starz have long since reshaped themselves as sources of original programming, movies do still make up a significant chunk of the channels’ offerings. It stands to reason that Netflix’s rise coincides with their losses.

If you stream Netflix, has the service replaced premium channels for you?

Time Warner Cable Loses 141,000 Video Subs in Fourth Quarter [Home Media Magazine via High-def Digest]


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  1. Rebecca K-S says:

    Netflix hasn’t replaced premium for me, since paying for TV doesn’t fit into my lifestyle/budget anyway, but I certainly, you know, use it a lot. $10-20 a month to watch whichever movies you choose versus, um, I don’t know? More? to watch whichever movies HBO selects for you? Not a real tough call there.

    • QuantumCat says:

      One of my favorite parts of Netflix these days is being able to watch streamed videos with a group of friends using an Xbox360. Since I live across the country from some of them, it’s nice to watch a movie “together” and chat during it.

      And yeah, picking whatever movies you want whenever you want… much better.

  2. nbs2 says:

    Never had premium.

    In order to get premium, you need to have cable to begin with. In order to get Netflix streaming, you need to have an internet connection. I have the latter, not the former (well, I do have cable, but it’s the super-basic analog local-channels-only cable that works out to a $2 premium because of bundling discounts).

    • Lisse24 says:

      Yup, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I’m willing to pay a small nominal fee to HBO in order to stream their premium shows over the internet day of or day after.
      You’d think getting rid of the middle man (cable) would be a no brainer for them.

  3. Cosmo_Kramer says:

    It’ll suck if we lose the awesome original programming of the premium channels because people’s viewing habits change and they don’t find a way to adapt. They really do make some of the best stuff on TV.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      HBO and Showtime release all of their shows on DVD, at least.

    • Portlandia says:

      That’s the problem. They produce some excellent original programming but what else do you get out of it?

      I mean, is $240 bucks a year worth having access to a couple of good shows? To me it isn’t especially if I can wait a few months and I can virtually buy it on DVD for the price of one month’s programming cost.

      • Minze says:

        But that is the catch-22. Without the people paying for the subscription then there is no $ to make the original programming, thus no shows released on DVD to buy.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          In that case, they really need to rethink their business model. HBO and Showtime need to get on the streaming bandwagon. It would be impossible to limit access to its DVDs but the bottom line is that people are still willing to wait for the DVDs. So unless HBO and Showtime stop making DVDs (thereby forcing people to subscribe, torrent, or do without), I don’t see how it can hold this over our heads.

          • falnfenix says:

            HBO and Showtime need to get on the streaming bandwagon.

            damn right. i hate not being able to catch the last episode of Boardwalk Empire simply because we weren’t home the weekend it was on. i haven’t seen it listed on the channel since then, and there’s no other legal way to get it.

          • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

            I would subscribe to both channels if I could stream them.

        • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

          I’d be willing to potentially subscribe to HBO, Showtime, or Cinemax if I could stream their film/TV library via my Roku. I’m not going to subscribe to cable TV, just so I can pay extra to access their channels.

        • Chaosium says:

          “But that is the catch-22. Without the people paying for the subscription then there is no $ to make the original programming, thus no shows released on DVD to buy.”

          I’m not going to subsidize crap shows too, sorry.

    • jesusofcool says:

      I agree. I think the future there though is in straight to internet and DVD television style programming. I can definitely imagine a future where production companies produce edgier programming specifically for premium internet-based content providers like Netflix and Hulu, who would buy the rights to it, and for DVD.

  4. Burzmali says:

    It hasn’t replaced premium, as I gave that up long before joining Netflix, but it definitely makes premium channels look very unappealing.

    This trend will either mean Netflix will eventually get some premium channel content (beyond the Starz stuff), or some sort of premium channel cabal will form and try to screw over Netflix. Given the talk of the guy at Time Warner, it will probably be the latter.

  5. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    What is this “HBO” of which you speak? (

    Wait, I do seem to remember them – they show second – run movies 3x a day, and charge like $12.95 a month on top of a hefty pay TV subscription, right?

    • Griking says:

      They also have some very nice original programming as well. In fact, some of my favorite shows were on HBO such as Oz, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under. True Blood is between seasons now but a fun show to watch. Boardwalk Empire isn’t one of my favorites but it seems to be getting good reviews. Bill Maher is always good television.

      And yeah, they also broadcast movies.

      • Griking says:

        Oh geez, can’t forget Curb Your Enthusiasm; that’s one of my favorite shows.

      • Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

        If I want those series, I can get them from Netflix, too. I just have to wait. Nothing on TV is so important I can’t wait for it.

        • edison234 says:

          But the series are created from the fees received… No subscribers, no new shows.

          If HBO or Showtime would stream their service, I would pay for it. I think they could cut the price in half of what cable/dish operators charge. Especially if it was only access to their custom programming.

          • says:

            Actually I would disagree with that sentiment.

            These shows are created because they make money by it. If they make the money via direct subscription or via revenue coming from syndication, DVD/BD sales or Netflix/Hulu is pretty secondary.

            For the last few years I would have said that most TV shows original run is merely an extended ad for the DVD Set.

            That clearly seems to be working well, or why do you think SyFy is trying to double dip o their shows by breaking seasons up and trying to sell you two sets for one season?

          • pecan 3.14159265 says:

            HBO and Showtime would not endear themselves to me if they were to say, “please subscribe or we’ll take away all of our original programming.” It would also be like cutting off the nose to spite the face. HBO and Showtime make money off their original programming from the DVD sales, the sales from iTunes, the streaming deals they have made with Comcast, and from the exposure they get during awards season.

        • Griking says:


          I never insinuated that you couldn’t. They’re pretty much all available on DVD as well depending on how long you’re willing to wait. My point is that HBO and Showtine aren’t all just about rebroadcasting old movies.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      When you asked what is HBO, it reminded me of this classic commercial.

  6. Chris W. says:

    Too bad I still cant bring myself to do business with companies that advertise heavily via pop-up (looking at you Netflix).

    Yes, I have blockers, etc.


    • Pink Eyed Jim says:

      Netflix allows affiliates to post their ads for a commission of the subscription price. In my experience most of the pop up ads associated with netflix are run by their affiliates. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve seen a netflix popup. And I don’t even have any special blockers or anything; I just use firefox.

  7. MeOhMy says:

    Never had premium channels, so Netflix is not what kept me from them. But I recently did get a 3-month free trial of HBO/Cinemax. Frankly, I don’t have time to keep up with another hour-long drama like Boardwalk Empire and across about 20 channels there either never seemed to be a movie I cared about OR I had already missed at least 1/2 hour of it. Not worth $30/month or whatever regardless of Netflix.

  8. NickC says:

    Used to have HBO but dropped it a while back. Got tired of paying a fee to watch movies that are also playing on regular TV. Have Netflix and Roku which I use often.

  9. BuyerOfGoods3 says:

    I love Netflix. Ditched Dish Network for it, never been happier. $100 versus $13.00 per month.

    What is there to think about? Nothing on TV is worth the annual cost (do the math, I dare you).

    • Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:
    • rdm says:

      I guess you haven’t seen Breaking Bad?

    • Red Cat Linux says:

      I did the same. Between over the air broadcasts, Netflix and Hulu, I really don’t miss the Dish.

    • marsneedsrabbits says:

      We ditched the dish for Netflix-only last May. I did the math, and figured that we save around 1,000 dollars a year by dropping DirecTV.

      A person making 50K/year would be giving themselves 2% raise after taxes by doing what we did. Not small potatoes for a lot of people.

    • jake.valentine says:

      My family did the same thing and it is nothing short of amazing how well it has worked out. I hooked up a desktop computer with HDMI to our family room HDTV. With the computer hooked up we stream from the common movie/tv sites, use Boxee to watch any of our movies/tv we have back up on our network, watch Blu-Ray movies, and if for some reason there is a tv show or movie we want to watch but can’t find online (rare) we use Amazon and pay a few bucks to rent a movie. My wife has even found the Asian dramas from overseas she loves on Hulu. Our internet service is $12 more per month since it isn’t a bundle, but we are saving $60+ a month not paying for cable tv. It has been a no brainer………..

  10. BuyerOfGoods3 says:

    I love Netflix. Ditched Dish Network for it, never been happier. $100 versus $13.00 per month.

    What is there to think about? Nothing on Cable TV is worth the annual cost (do the math, I dare you). Everything ‘basic’ is broadcast free via antennae, and those are cheap (and then free basic tv & local).

  11. George4478 says:

    I last had HBO and Showtime about 20 years ago. I saw all their new offerings on the first weekend of every month. The rest of the month was repeating all the same movies twice a day. So I dropped them and never went back.

  12. shepd says:

    Ahhh, must be nice to have high bandwidth limits in the US! Netflix Canada is letting everyone (I assume investors, too) that they’re screwed because almost all of Canada will have a 25 GB cap in a couple of months. Those on Cable will wait until July, and those in Quebec get the usual favouritism of a 60 GB cap.

    • says:

      Appeals on that ruling have been launched. It’s not yet done yet. Apparently Telus has made it clear that they won’t have limits, considering how much they seem to have invested into Fibre to the home over the last few years I think they saw that one coming.

      I am already looking at Telus for my future internet needs should Shaw turn out to be as nasty as Bell et. al.

    • La Mareada says:

      Don’t be jealous, we in the states pay and pay and pay to get high bandwidth.

  13. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    It’s replaced cable for me. Never had premium.

  14. Sajanas says:

    My girlfriend’s parents just did this on my prompting. They had all the movie channels, HBO, Showtime, Starz, TMC, Cinemax, and they didn’t watch much of them. Most of these movie stations only play about 20 movies at a time. Admittedly, they are better caliber, newer movies than most of Netflix streaming, but every time I go over there and look at the lists, their selections are usually so small that there is maybe one thing on I’d want to watch.

  15. Corinthos says:

    I only pay for the premium for the tv series like Californiacation, True Blood, Weeds, & Dexter. I could give a rats ass about the movies they offer because I’ve all ready rented them if they were worth watching and they don’t update the selection enough.

    • Youngfrankenstein says:

      True Blood is the only one not available on Netflix. I suppose if you’re trying to keep up in real time you’d be bummed. Around here we usually wait to start on new stuff. It’s too emotionally tough when our favorite new shows get cancelled right away. ;)

      • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

        You can get it on DVD through Netflix. I think they only have through season 2 right now.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          This is correct. Netflix has available for rent seasons 1 and 2, but that’s also because True Blood’s third season has not been released on DVD yet. Most of the time Netflix only starts streaming after the show has been made available on DVD. It’ll only start renting the disc after the DVD has been released, obviously.

  16. gitmo234 says:

    When Netflix starts turning out shows/seasons a touch faster and gets most of the HGTV channel I’m in. I cant get channels over the air, I live in the sticks. I have one option for cable TV and cant get a satellite signal (trees).

    Until then I need my fix. It’s so bad that when I do home handyman jobs I cant stop Holmes on Homes impressions. “WHAT is THIS? I know building code doesnt require interrior walls to be insulated but we dont stick with the bare minimum. We’re gonna have to tear this wall down, insulate it with R-300 and use triple re-enforced rebar for support”

    • PencilSharp says:

      Must admit: I like the guy.
      “Show me something that’s going to surprise me…like something done right.”
      What’s not to like?

    • keepntabs says:

      Yeah, I understand totally. My favorite cable channel is HGTV, and I miss it sorely, but I couldn’t justify paying for cable just for the one channel. So, I only get to watch the online videos on Hulu or, or the TV show when I travel or visit someone’s home who has cable.

      But the question put to us asked if Netflix has replaced premium channels. I dropped Dish three years ago, watch TV shows and movies, either via terrestrial antenna, online, or DVD. Except for HGTV, I don’t miss cable/satellite at all.

  17. Hobz says:

    Love my Netflix account. With all of the premium channel shows becoming available on DVD there is no need for premium channels to watch their shows.

    Streaming content is the future and cable will fight it tooth and nail. Net Neutrality was only the beginning. The war will continue to wage and we, the consumer, will be the causality.

  18. gaberussell says:

    If you don’t have or want cable, the cost to get Showtime or HBO approaches $100/mo with the tiering the cable companies force you into, which is a lot to pay for a few great shows (the movies are Netflixable).

    HBO and Showtime (and even Starz, now) create great original content, but I hope they have a plan to adapt to an economy where people are increasingly unwilling to play so much for so little, and would prefer to watch shows on demand for cheap on Netflix or Hulu. If the programming is consistently good, I’d pay a few extra bucks to Netflix or Hulu for access to their content. It’s certainly a better deal than the cable companies would give me.

  19. hoi-polloi says:

    My wife and I used to bundle internet, phone, and cable (with premium channels and a DVR). After various introductory and bargained rates expired, our monthly bill was obscene. We kept Comcast for internet, and kept the very basic cable since it was actually cheaper than internet alone. We switched to since I’m not quite ready to give up a home phone. We put a computer in the living room, so we can stream from Netflix, Hulu, and network sites, watch our iTunes library, etc.

    It’s changed the way I watch television. I’m more intentional, seeking out specific programs rather than just seeing what’s on or what the DVR recorded. I miss some of the original programming from HBO, but they’re always released on DVD. I’d happily pay for HBO originals, but not bundled with all those other things I don’t really need. It’s one of those cuts that hurts a lot less than I anticipated.

  20. Sanshie says:

    I love streaming Netflix. However Comcast won’t allow us to do this during “prime time”, when every one else in our neighborhood is online. Loss of connection and freezing. During school hours it’s great! Just one more reason to hate Comcast.

    • QuantumCat says:

      Yeah I’m pretty sick of Comcast, myself. I have it because I have no alternative. I’d hop to Verizon in a second if my apartment didn’t have an agreement with Comcast.

    • cigsm says:

      That has nothing to do with Comcast. You might want to check your settings or have them come out.

      Also, Netflix themselves show that Verizon has much slower actual internet speeds then Comcast. I’m paying for 16MB through Comcast & averaging 22MB.

      • baquwards says:

        It could very well have a lot to do with comcast. The nature of cable internet is very vulnerable to getting bogged down during peak times, more so that DSL and Fios. I have a very fast VDSL2 line coming into my house any time of the day, I get the same exact speed on speed tests, when I had cable internet, It would be good during the week during the day, but as soon as people started returning home for the day, the speed dropped to almost unusable levels. Cable internet companies send bandwidth out to the neighborhood and everyone has to share, DSL gives you a direct line to the node, so your neighbor’s activity shouldn’t directly affect you, as long as there is enough bandwidth going to the node, everyone gets what they pay for.

  21. Sunflower1970 says:

    Had HBO many moons ago. But we really didn’t watch it so we let it go. We use Netflix streaming all the time, though. Never thought of it as a replacement for premium channels, but yeah, that would be a good comparison. Plus, it seems Netflix has a deal with Starz, so any movie playing on Starz (and original show) seem to show up Netflix, which is kind of nice. Now, if only HBO & Showtime would make the same types of deals…

  22. suez says:

    Heck, Netflix replaced my cable, period. All my TV now comes through either them or sites like Hulu. It was purely a budget decision as I couldn’t justify paying so much every month for tons of chanels I never watched. And frankly, because of various live-streaming options online, I’m actually able to watch MORE Packers football games now than I ever did while relying just on my cable package.

    If only I had a decent option for high speed internet service–I’d cut Comcast completely.

  23. HogwartsProfessor says:

    No, it hasn’t since 1) I didn’t have premium channels in the first place and 2) I can’t seem to stream lately without at least three interruptions. If Netflix is having trouble handling all the streaming people, they need to get on the stick or they’ll start losing customers themselves.

    • keepntabs says:

      I wouldn’t blame the interruptions to your streaming fully on Netflix. When these interruptions occur I suggest that you do a speed test on your Internet connection to make sure that there is a slow down in the line.

    • jake.valentine says:

      I would check to see if your ISP is throttling Netflix. My guess is that we will probably see more of this as more people drop cable from their monthly bill.

  24. kathygnome says:

    No so much streaming in particular, but Netflix in general has certainly taken the place of premiums.

  25. Donathius says:

    I’ve never even considered paying for premium channels. It just feels like a waste of money to me. They hardly ever show anything I want to watch. Netflix gives me choice – I can watch whatever I want. They also win hands down in the customer service department. When they had a small streaming outage a few months ago they offered EVERYONE a bill credit regardless of whether they were affected by the outage. I’ve actually got an extra movie on the way right now since the local distribution center didn’t have the movie I wanted. I’m on a 1 DVD per month plan and they sent me the next DVD in my queue from the local place, and also sent me the movie at the top of the queue from another distribution center.

  26. tangobozo says:

    “If you stream Netflix, has the service replaced premium channels for you?”

    For 8 years now.

  27. UnicornMaster says:

    Love it! Who wants to watch 9 month old movies when you can watch new DVDs. The only good things are original programming, which end up on DVD 6 months later anyway.

  28. PunditGuy says:

    I would pay a premium fee for HBO streaming content on Netflix. Not a big fee, mind you, since I’m only paying about $11 a month now — but another buck or two a month from me and a million other Netflix subscribers would be better than the $0 HBO is getting from us now. Just sayin’.

    • NatalieErin says:

      Me too. I like a lot of HBO’s shows, but the current cost of cable + HBO is not worth it when I can just wait until the DVDs come out and rent them from Netflix. But if I could pay a little extra, maybe $5, I’d love to stream HBO.

  29. ReaperRob says:

    I dropped my entire Dish Network package and switched to Netflix two months ago. I love it!

  30. says:

    Yes it has, despite the somewhat lacklustre selection up here in Canada in time. But I like the Netflix option much better than anything the local providers have to offer.

  31. Portlandia says:

    HBO and Showtime are just horrible. They have produced some stellar in house productions (Sopranos, Weeds, Dexter, Big Love) but their movie offerings are otherwise atrocious.

    They seem to get on new movie a month and play the sh*t out of it. I’m sorry HBO, we don’t want to watch the latest Adam Sandler movie 5000 times a month. Really, we don’t. The rest of the month is tired old movies you can see on network TV or there are better offerings on Netflix.

    They are so not worth the extra $20-$40 dollars a month.

  32. axiomatic says:

    I want to quit HBO but alas they have a hold still on broadcasting MMA and Boxing which are favorite sports in my household.

    Better keep it up HBO as once you let that go I have ZERO reason to keep you around.

  33. Pryce says:

    AppleTV2 + Netflix + iTunes has replaced cable for me

  34. dush says:

    Soon cable/internet providers will start blocking Netflix traffic. Or slowing it so HD streaming doesn’t work properly.

    • BurtReynolds says:

      Cue Comcast/NBC to lead the way…

      • QuantumCat says:

        Seriously. Their bandwidth cap is fairly generous at the moment, but I hate its existence… especially after it came right after the FCC said they can’t throttle torrents.

        Whenever their sales reps call me to ask if I want faster internet, I always respond with “will I get a higher bandwidth cap?” When they say no, I say “So you’re telling me I can pay more to hit my cap earlier in the month.”

  35. Rockfish says:

    I recently canceled my Starz package on DirecTV in favor of Netflix.

    When I see the same exact movie being shown month after month after month, the value of that premium package declines substantially. The cost of Netflix is also quite a bit lower than the premium Starz package. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing premium about Starz is the price.

  36. asok says:

    I got a 3 month free trial of HBO so well I tried it. The movies were all ones that were available on netflix (not streaming). In 3 months I did not watch a single movie on HBO.

    The real tipping point was getting a netflix enabled blu ray player.

  37. Talisker says:

    Do you want to compete, cable? Give us a la carte choices. I’ll gladly pay a couple of bucks a month each for individual channels. Let me have BBC America, Discover, History, my local network stations, and a few others. I don’t want Ion. I don’t want any shopping channels. I don’t want MTV or Spike or TNT.

    Let me pay for what I want instead of paying for a bunch of crap that I’ll never watch. The reason that I’m shifting more and more to Netflix is because I have access to content that you price out of my reach.

  38. evilpete says:

    Saddly Netflix ‘s online selection is lacking

  39. valthun says:

    I haven’t paid for HBO, Showtime etc for almost a year. Mostly those channels play the same show all month and you don’t want to watch the channel.

    A few years ago my roomate had HBO, but got sick of the NFL news show whatever it was called, and switched to Showtime, next season the show moved to Showtime, he was pretty pissed.

  40. BurtReynolds says:

    I haven’t had a sub to HBO since Sopranos ended. I’d cancel cable entirely if it weren’t for a fiance who likes crappy cable shows.

  41. ldillon says:

    What I think Netflix is showing us is that while viewers would like the best/new content, many will watch what’s available on Netflix because it’s “good enough.” Let’s face it, you don’t NEED to see a certain show or episode most of the time. You’re just looking for diversion or entertainment and Netflix provides that at an unprecedented cost to value ratio. And there’s always Redbox or pay-per-view streaming like Amazon for new movies that you just have to see.

  42. TopcatF14B says:

    Netflix and Torrents (with streaming capability to any TV in the house… We will never run out of programming to watch…

  43. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    i watch some of the starz offerings on netflix and anything HBO has that i want to watch – i can just wait for. netflix gets it eventually.
    i’m about to cut satellite entirely in favor of internet tv and netflix

  44. dggriffi says:

    Netflix and broadcast have now replaced ALL forms of pay cable for me. My viewing habits are more focused and i dont get caught up on junk. When the good tv is over, i just turn it off.

  45. oldgoat says:

    Netflix and newsgroups here. $24 a month for more TV/Movies than i could ever watch and an extra $75 in my pocket every month

  46. CalicoGal says:

    in December we canceled out HBO package when I decided to join NetFlix because of all the good stuff I heard about streaming.
    I never had SHOWTIME before, but thanks to NetFlix I discovered Weeds!! I’m so happy!

    I like all the watch options for NetFlix: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, HD on the television (streamed thru TiVo), Wii, and laptop!!!

    Total portability. I can watch my NetFlix queue wherever I have broadband– great feature…

  47. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    I replaced cable with Netflix. We don’t even bother with an antenna for local channels. Between Netflix, and the internet, we watch everything we are interested in.

  48. BobbyCanuck says:

    Can you see where this is going? more and more choose streaming…
    a few years go by..specialty channels go out of business, studios realize that for them to make money, the movies the produce simply have to turn a profit
    …and then all we are left with is mainstream offerings from the networks, and safe formula movies from the studios.

    So in closing, I hope all you Netflickers and what not, are happy with vanilla fair, cause thats all that will be available

  49. JeremieNX says:

    I never bought into premium movie channels at all. I would look at their programming schedules to see the same movies being played month after month multiple times per day – skrew it. I felt that way long before Netflix or streaming or torrenting.

  50. jake.valentine says:

    Our family cut the cable cord a few weeks ago and hooked up a new desktop computer via HDMI to the tv. It has worked out waaaaay better than expected. We can easily find the few tv shows we enjoy online and we have our movies backed up on our hard drive. We use Boxee to watch movies over our network and have a digital antenna for local channels. Cancelling cable was just one of those decisions we wish we had done earlier.

  51. Repossessed_Posse_Pirate says:

    I did not delete any premium content, but the appeal of Netflix is too much at a good price to pass up. Really great for the winter months, I’d recommend it to anyone.

  52. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    Premium channels.

    Are those the ones littered with annoying commercials?

  53. tinyhands says:

    Maybe I’d subscribe to a premium channel if I didn’t have to also buy a package of 200 other channels that I don’t care about, plus hardware rental and additional fees. And as Rebecca K-S points out, I’m not that wild about paying for a full month of premium channel for the one decent movie per week they show.

  54. Kimmakimma says:

    I use Netflix stream-only and I love it. I don’t have to fart around flipping through channel guides to find something I WANT to watch as opposed to just what is on. That may not work for everyone. For myself and my husband it is great since we aren’t home that much.

  55. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    I wish I could ditch cable all together!! Too bad I’m too far away from the local network transmitters to use an outdoor antenna. If I could pick them up over the air, I’d cancel cable. Today.

  56. Snoofin says:

    Perhaps more people would subscribe to premium content like HBO if they actually played new releases like they used to when it was new in the 80s. Now they play 10 year old movies.

  57. Snoofin says:

    Perhaps more people would subscribe to premium content like HBO if they actually played new releases like they used to when it was new in the 80s. Now they play 10 year old movies.

  58. Kevin says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting streaming on my Droid.

  59. Chaosium says:

    God, Netflix. Get exclusive deals with HBO. Please! I’ll never need any cable ever again.

  60. Draw2much says:

    Even before Netflix, we never got premium channels. We were just too poor and couldn’t justify the cost. We’d get basic or just-above basic packages. However, when we moved overseas we learned to live without cable in general and started depending exclusively on the theaters, DVDs, and Netflix. After we came back to the states we discovered that there was nothing on cable that was worth paying the extra money for. So now all we have is cable internet and dropped cable completely.

    I dunno, if TV channel companies want to survive, they either need to make themselves attractive enough to be worth the extra money, or they need to start streaming all their content. Otherwise they’re gonna die kicking and screaming and making it difficult for people who choose not to use their services.

  61. unchainedmuse says:

    I recently ditched the “standard” cable package in favor of local channels only. I bought a Roku box and stream Netflix and HuluPlus. I’m so happy – I watch what I want whenever I want, and can pause it anytime. =)

  62. logicthinker says:

    well netflix is a viable option that is until HBO, Showtime, Stars decides to offer contracts with netflix, and then netflix has no choice but to increase its rates. all of these studios whether premium or regular will not tolerate losing revenue, so they will at some point offer netflix contracts, in netflix in turn will pass the costs on to consumers, mark my words.

  63. TikiFrank says:

    Netflix has replaced everything. I traded my DirecTv bill of 85 bucks a month for my Netflix bill of 10 bucks a month.

    DirecTv had their chance to keep me. It didn’t make sense to me that as a subscriber of 10 years that I was paying so much more than their brand new subscribers. I asked for a deal and they told me to pound sand.

    Netflix could double their monthly fees and I still wouldn’t look back.

  64. kaleberg says:

    We dropped satellite TV completely and moved to iTunes. They get all the good series. We’re looking at NetFlix, but we have a backlog of movies to watch.