Mom Admits Autistic Son Cheated On Xbox Live, Meriting Label

After complaining to a Seattle news station that her autistic 11-year-old son was unfairly labeled a cheater by Xbox Live, the mother has admitted that her son solicited help in racking up his copious achievements, meaning Xbox Live was right to reset his Gamerscore and affix a “cheater” label to his account.

In an updated to an earlier story, Q13 Fox reports her son gave out his login and password online, allowing others to help him boost his score:

“My son did give his Gamertag. I did warn him about this but seeing it wasn’t a bank password or anything big, it’s just a game we didn’t worry about it too much and the boy just offered to give him Recon Armor, which he did.”

Microsoft says it discovered the cheating because achievements were unlocked out of order, online and from different cities.

Xbox Live Labels Autistic Boy “Cheater”
[Q13 Fox via The Escapist]
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