Morningstar Corn Dogs Make Triumphant Return To Grocery Shelves

They’re back! Around this time last year, we investigated the sudden disappearance of Morningstar Farms’ delicious vegetarian corn dogs and hot dogs from grocery shelves. Consumers seem to care very deeply about this product. We’re happy to report that the corn dogs, at least, are back on the Morningstar Farms website, and a reader has spotted them in the wild.

Catastrophegirl sent us these photos, noting: “Apparently they are popular, since they were almost all gone.” This creates a mental picture of local vegetarians buying armfuls of boxes, then going home to spend the evening in a corn dog-eating frenzy.


The site tells me that the only retailer carrying the full-size corn dogs near me are suburban Walmarts, and no one carries the mini dogs locally. Have any of this product’s fans found and taste-tested the new version? What did you think?

Morningstar Farms® Veggie Corn Dogs [Morningstar Farms]

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