Rent The $157K Tesla Roadster Electric Car For $25

Want to see what it’s like to drive a $157,000 electric car without having to take out a second mortgage? You’ll soon have a chance, if you’re a member of car-sharing service Getaround, and live near the car’s owner. Just $25 will buy you an hour behind the wheel of a Tesla Roadster Sport, owned by a Getaround member.

Getaround, which is sort of a peer-to-peer version of Zipcar, typically offers such vehicles as your neighbor’s Camry. But the company sees the Tesla as an opportunity to “break a lot of the misperceptions about EVs and we’re excited to be part of that,” according to Getaround co-founder Jessica Scorpio.

Like other cars offered by Getaround, the Tesla belongs to a private owner. In this case, according to Scorpio, it’s someone “who wants as many people to experience it as possible.” Just be careful not to scratch it if you don’t want that $25 rental to cost a whole lot more.

Curious About Electric Vehicles? You Can Now Rent a Tesla for $25 [GOOD]

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