Woman Finds $280K Worth Of Drugs In Vacuum

A Wisconsin mother received a vacuum from her children as a Christmas present. The gift quickly lost its dull nature when she opened it up to discover a stash of drugs encased inside.

AOL reports the vacuum contained crystal meth and cocaine that law enforcement officials estimated was worth more than a quarter million dollars. The vacuum had been refurbished and shipped from the Juarez, Mexico area, to the department store at which it was purchased.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve found inside a box you bought off the shelf?

Wisconsin Woman Finds $280K of Drugs in Vacuum [AOL]
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  1. teke367 says:

    Ever think that perhaps the drugs weren’t smuggled in from Mexico, and perhaps the vacuum clean has a serious drug problem?

  2. dohtem says:

    I got a rotisserie chicken from Safeway once. I got home, opened the package and noticed one of the legs/thighs missing. :(

    • Red Cat Linux says:

      Fresh poultry from Chernobyl Farms!

      • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

        If that were the case, parts would keep growing back after you cut them off.

        • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

          (some tv shows never leave you… *sigh*)

    • standardhalf says:

      Maybe it was the result of a tragic childhood accident.

    • DH405 says:

      Probably just fell off or was knocked off while it was in the giant rotisserie cooker.

    • tborodarc says:

      I once got a rotisserie chicken from a supermarket. I got home, opened the package and noticed crystal meth and cocaine that law enforcement officials estimated was worth more than a quarter million dollars!

  3. oldwiz65 says:

    I just hope they don’t charge Wisconsin woman with drug dealing.

    • Papa Bear says:

      It is Wisconsin and that may well happen!

    • ChoralScholar says:

      It happens. There was a local couple that rented a mobile home, and found drugs hidden inside the A/C vents. When they reported it, the cops turned on them.

  4. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    Sure would make my housework a lot less mundane.

  5. Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

    That sucks. ;^)

    Imagine the fun returning the drugs to the store, “I didn’t order the cocaine or meth and I want my money back.”

  6. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    This isn’t a box, but I once bought a book and found that every so often a page that should have been printed was blank.

    • speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

      Speaking of which, I’ve found all sorts of things in books in understaffed used bookstores (money only sometimes). Love letters, pressed flowers, tickets, to-do lists, all kinds of paper crap.

    • Etoiles says:

      As a child, I had a cheap paperback of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

      What I didn’t realize until I was almost 13 and had read it several times was that huge chunks of the book were completely out of order. Pages 1 – 60 were fine, then it would go 80 – 120, then 60 – 80, then 120 – 150, that kind of a thing.

      I sent my childhood thinking Lewis Carroll was even more of a nut than he actually was…

    • Keter says:

      I got a book in which the first half of the book was the book I thought I bought, and the second half was somebody’s crazed idea of spirituality. The typesetting was identical.

  7. Thornhill says:

    I feel bad for the Mexican who took the fall for that meth not getting to whoever it was supposed to get to.

    • Eviile says:

      Why? It was only $100 worth of materials over there. Hell, it was probably only $5-10k street value here, but over a quarter mill by Cop math; you know, how much would it sell if we sold it by the molecule.

    • APriusAndAGrill says:

      That was my first thought…. pedro is gonna loose a hand.

  8. s0s has a chewy nougat center says:

    A relative gave me a giftcard to Best Buy a few years back (I know, I know), so I stopped in to pick up a new iPod speaker dock. Found one I liked, got it home… and it turned out that I’d somehow gotten a box containing a display model, complete with an iPod nano encased in a block of lucite that had been permanently attached, with glue and bolts, to the unit. The weird thing was, the box was still factory sealed and identical to all of the consumer-grade packaging, meaning this thing must have been inadvertently boxed during production.

    Had to go exchange it, obviously, and for once the employees were just as baffled as I was, and didn’t give me any hassle about it — just took a glance at my receipt and handed me a new box. On the plus side, the replacement dock (a black JBL Radial, for those who are curious) still works flawlessly to this day and sounds fantastic.

  9. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    I would be really, really torn on whether to report that or sell it instead.

    • Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

      Calling the cops would not have been my first impulse. Cops don’t like me. Besides, I could get at least two corrupt officials in hot water planting the drugs carefully and giving tips to crimebusters. “So you’re saying someone planted $100K of drugs just to see you busted?!”

      • PanCake BuTT says:

        Or the jakes would have taken the stash and bubbled it themselves. Cha-ChinG!

      • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

        I’ll admit it would similarly go into my “weapons to use against everyone on my hate list” repository.

  10. PSUSkier says:

    That looks like the beginning of a Scarface-style coke party to me.

  11. not-gonna-tell-ya says:

    Not a product, but I did find this story on another site 2 days ago…

  12. anarkie says:

    Obviously the vacuum was used to clean up the refurb plant’s illicit activities. Must have worked pretty good, too. What brand was that sucker?

  13. Master Medic: Now with more Haldol says:

    I once bought a computer from Best Buy and it had an actual computer in the box, not a brick.

  14. nbs2 says:

    Is the sentence for drug vacuuming harsher than that for money laundering?

  15. iamlost26 says:

    Um, corrections.

    It’s in a vacuum CLEANER. When I read the title I thought the woman found a bunch of drugs orbiting a moon.

  16. AstroPig7 says:

    Are you sure the vacuum cleaner was the intended present?

    • Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

      It would have been a godsend to the right mom. “Now I don’t have to walk the streets anymore”

  17. kjherron says:

    Went to Home Despot to buy a couple of those rooftop turbine vents. These turbines are made of sheet aluminum and sold assembled, so the box is big and light. Well, that day one of the boxes was really heavy. I opened it up, and down in the bottom of the box was a very nice, very expensive cordless drill set.

    I figure someone was trying to shoplift the drill by sneaking it out in the turbine box, but got cold feet or something and the turbine ended up back on the shelf. If I’d been a little more clueless about the weight of the box, I could have ended up being accused of shoplifting.

    • Baron Von Crogs says:

      Too bad you noticed, you could’ve gotten a bonus free drill set.

      Since theres no proof you did anything you couldnt be charged with shoplifting.

  18. standardhalf says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa…. everyone is missing the BIG story here. AOL is still around?

  19. RickinStHelen says:

    Does the Vacuum have a blow setting?

    I did buy my wife a bible once that had seven books from the old testament inserted twice. It didn’t feel right to throw it out, yet it was not really user friendly either.

    • Erika'sPowerMinute says:

      Were they the books that always harsh my vibe, like Leviticus and Deuteronomy? One each of those is quite enough.

  20. OnefinFinn says:

    No box, but I bought a pair of pants at the Salvation Army and it had a handkerchief and a dollar in the pocket.

  21. macorayne says:

    I didn’t find something, but I did leave something. My girlfriend and I had a long day out and about and were tired but had to stop at Target and Safeway before the night was done. Target had a small grocery area so I bought items we needed from Safeway at Target to save the extra stop; one item was milk.

    We got to the car and I opened the back door to our car (Isuzu Rodeo) and started to toss the mil in; at the moment I let go of the milk a dog jumped from the front seat to the back barking and growling. I shut the door quickly. My gf and I were startled to find a dog in our car. We took a few steps back and wondered what the hell was going on. We looked around and two cars down was our car. This car was nearly identical to ours including bike rack. She asked if I was going to get the milk and I said hell no.

    We often wonder what happen to the milk. Did the dog tear into it and the owner come back to a milky mess? Did the owner get home; take the milk out and their spouse wonder why they would buy whole milk when they only drank fat free.?

    • Draw2much says:

      What if they didn’t even buy milk? Imagine getting into your car and seeing a random jug of milk? You’d spend the rest of the week wondering why someone left milk in your car….. o_0

    • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

      In a follow up, the milk was Tuscan Whole Milk and now the dog gained superhuman intelligence and started the canine equivalent of the Legion of Doom.

      • Difdi says:

        Then again, a Sinister Plot to control the world’s supply of snausages isn’t terribly threatening…

    • Bella_dilo17 says:

      Once I needed to get my camera out of a rental car.

      I opened it up, and lifted up a jacket I didn’t recognize, and then realized it was the wrong car, that was left unlocked. Whoops.

      • standardhalf says:

        And to this day you’re glad Billy didn’t come back and wonder why you were in his car going through his stuff, could have ended badly.

  22. 6T9 says:

    Can I see into the future or is this really old news?

  23. Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

    My wife thought she would be nice to me, I know I could end that right there, and brought a Kit-Kat home from Win-Dixie. I gobbled the first one down broke the second one in half to share with my loving wife and found what looked to be a maggot….needless to say I no longer eat them and my wife no longer brings me home presents.

    • standardhalf says:

      Why? I mean seriously why? Can’t I have anything? Must you ruin Kit-Kats for me? I say good day.

    • gman863 says:

      The keywords here were “Winn-Dixie”, not “Kit-Kat”.

      Feel free to feed your chocolate jones in the future – just buy from a supplier who sells fresher stuff.

  24. VOIDMunashii says:

    Wow, I never get cool stuff like that when I buy things.

  25. The cake is a lie! says:

    We got a wedding gift of a backpack/picnic set that had a Mazda logo embroidered on it. Obviously some sort of customer loyalty gift or something like that, but still kinda funny. One of our other gifts still had a card in it intended for whoever decided to return it to the store. I believe it was a vacuum, now that I think about it…

    • econobiker says:

      We got a couple of regifts for our wedding that had the original cards to the gifters for their wedding still tucked inside the items’ boxes.

  26. RubyRedJess says:

    Oh, so THAT’s where I left my vaccum cleaner!

  27. kylere1 says:

    I am just shocked that the cops did not arrest her under some zero tolerance law, then use it as an excuse to seize her home and other assets.

  28. stevied says:

    somebody slapped the UPS/FedEx sticker on the wrong box.

    I bet somebody is one of those bodies the Mexican LEO found in the desrt missing the head.

  29. Emerald4me says:

    Who buys mom a vacuum for a present?!

  30. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    Last weekend my husband and I bought two track lighting fixtures (just the cans) from Home Depot. When he opened the first one he said “wow, I didn’t know these came with bulbs in them”. Sure enough, there was a nice halogen bulb screwed in to it. We weren’t so lucky with the other one.

  31. standardhalf says:

    Maybe it was AOL’s vacuum. They were hoping to turn a profit for once in the last decade.

  32. flarn2006 says:

    Who’s gonna get the $280K? If not the lady who bought the vacuum, is she getting any of it?

  33. nutbastard says:

    They would have had the cleanest house in the world if only they’d put 2 and 2 together.

  34. nutbastard says:

    When I bought my car (used) I found about half a gram of club weed in a little plastic cube after a week or so.

    • Bella_dilo17 says:

      What’d you do with it?

      My teacher was in a hotel and he slept on the pull-out bed. He opened it up, and a bag of cocaine popped out. He freaked out, so he flushed it down the toilet. But it exploded on him, so he was worried what would happen.

      He was fine.

      • nutbastard says:

        What do you *think* I did with it?

        I’ll do things of questionable wisdom on occasion, but snorting folding motel-bed cocaine is not one of them.

  35. Wolfbird says:

    Not boxes and not mine, but I’ve got 2 stories involving a shipping company. Close enough, right?

    This one time an envelope with $20,000 in it turned into an envelope with $20 in it. The shipper learned the hard way that wads of cash in a thin plastic bag looks exactly like wads of cash in a thin plastic bag.

    Another time I met a guy who was pissed that his carbon frame racing bike turned into an electric guitar by the time it got to his bike repair shop. That was kind of awkward.

    • standardhalf says:

      “Another time I met a guy who was pissed that his carbon frame racing bike turned into an electric guitar by the time it got to his bike repair shop. That was kind of awkward.”

      Until he discovered his love of rock, sold the bike shop and started hanging with Miley and Bieber in Hogwarts being the only one with a kickin’ guitar.

  36. evilpete says:

    I wish I was that lucky :-)

  37. evilpete says:

    I have always wondered how hard it would be for the average Joe to convert such a discovery into cash

    • Mandrake says:

      It would be very difficult. Joe would have to somehow find the appropriate connections without exposing himself to all kinds of risk. The worlds of meth and cocaine are not generally populated by friendly, honest, passive people.

  38. misslisa says:

    I once bought a used car from a couple in Dallas. Driving home, I found a bag of pot under the seat – Yee-hah!

  39. u1itn0w2day says:

    What company sends their vacum cleaners out of country for repairs? I must know…

  40. sweetgreenthing says:

    If only I would have got that vacuum… I would be so rich :(

  41. mandy_Reeves says:

    vaccum cleaner…is that what they call lindsay lohans nose now a days?

  42. gman863 says:

    The vacuum came with a free supply of bags – just not the type you normally associate with a Hoover.

  43. Crazy-Dave says:

    During my time as an assistant manager at our local grocery store, it was my job to check our suggestion box every night after we closed (which happened to be strategically placed on the wall about 5 feet from the banks ATM). Some mindless customer made a effort to deposit $500 dollars that night and ended up dropping it in the suggestion box.

    Imagine my surprise when I opened the box that night.

  44. crowbaby says:

    Back in my single days I bought an old dressing table from a cruddy little second hand store. The style is considered vintage now but it was just outdated then. The store owner refused to come down from the $20 price tag but I got it anyway because I liked it. The drawers were lined with old yellowing newspaper and under one was a nice crisp $20 bill. If that greedy shopkeeper hadn’t been so lazy she could have made twice the money.

  45. Mole90 says:

    Wait…. What brand of vacuum was it? O-o I may be in the market for a refurb one….now…..

  46. aminal hungy says:

    wait… they bought her a refurbished vacuum for Christmas? Seriously?

  47. smbizowner says:

    well let’s see:

    we’ve gotten: permanent markers, wire cutters, box cutters and slinkies (salamanders) in boxes of cut flowers from south America.

    Unfortunately Customs/DEA punch holes thru the flower boxes sifting out all the cocaine, so the shipments don’t bring the return on investment we expect. Sigh.

  48. MGlover54 says:

    Why can I never get deals like this?

  49. carlathecommander says:

    That is a drug addicts dream. It still irks me when I watch Cops, how often people randomly have drugs in their car/purse/person that aren’t theirs and they don’t know how they got there. That never happened to me when I did meth years ago.

  50. Bullpenny says:

    Found a dirty steak knife inside a brand new toaster oven when I opened the box. The oven was otherwise pristine.

  51. loueloui says:

    I was at a Target in Fort Jackson, S.C and had just gone through my graduation ceremony from basic training. I needed a second bag to haul my junk so my mom and I went to a local Target. We finished shopping and brought all of our items up front including a large wheeled duffel bag. After the cashier rung up the duffel she opened it up and there were several packages of baby/little kids clothing inside. My mom and I looked at each other dumbfounded.

    I immediately thought there was no way we could explain this since the odds of it happening were incredible, and we were probably going to go to jail for something we didn’t do.

    We must have looked innocent enough, that and I had my full military Class As on so incredibly she believed us.

  52. see2keroppi says:

    A friend of mine bought a new wallet from Wal-Mart. It was made in China, and on the back of one of the brand inserts (the fake cards in the credit card slots), someone had written a long message in Chinese. She gave it to me but I studied Japanese, not Chinese. I still have it and have yet to find someone who can read it for me. I’m dying to know what it says!!

  53. gialablau says:

    I think what is really appalling is that the woman got a vacuum for a Christmas gift.