Let's Play "Is This A Flat Screen TV Or A Clipboard In This Box?"

Usually if you haven’t ordered a large flat-screen TV, one isn’t going to be delivered to you. But Amanda B. thought maybe someone messed up when a five-by-six foot flat box showed up at her place of employment with her name on it.

Consumerist reader Amanda tells us her husband had an art clipboard delivered to her workplace, a business owned by her family, to make sure someone would be there to receive it. So when her dad called to ask “what on earth” they’d ordered and tell her a large, “four or five feet by three feet” flat box had arrived, she was a little confused.

Had someone sent them a flat screen TV? Nope! Amazon had just stuck her hubby’s 24 x 24 in. clipboard in a gargantuan box.

Overpacking boxes and dashing dreams of surprise TVs? So rude, Amazon. So. Rude.

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