Use A Beer Holder Thingy To Stop Shaving Cream Rust Rings

You know, a lot of those “New Uses For XYZ Random Item” stories magazines come up with are really pretty stupid, but I hate rust rings on my bathtub and I am incapable of remembering that they will happen if I leave the shaving cream just sitting there.

Real Simple suggests using one of those foam beer insulators (nobody can tell me if I’m supposed to call them a cozy or a koozie, so I just gave up) to prevent this from happening. My parents recently left a rather hideous one at my apartment (it says something about No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em poker and I hate it), so I’m going to give it a shot. Maybe if it works, I’ll spray paint it or something.

If anyone has a better way to prevent these stupid rings, aside from lobotomizing myself with my WaterPik, let us know in the comments.

Beer Koozie as Shaving-Cream Holder [Real Simple]

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