Thief Tries To Buy $3K Worth Of Chicken Sandwiches With Stolen Credit Card

You’re a thief who has just exercised your criminal genius to swipe two credit cards from an unsuspecting victim. You know you probably have only a few hours to use your golden tickets to fulfill your dreams before the cards are rendered worthless. What do you do? Try and buy as many chicken sandwiches as possible, of course.

The Buffalo News reports a woman tried to to just that. An employee became suspicious when the woman ordered $3,000 in sandwiches using two allegedly stolen credit cards, then reported the activity to the credit card companies. Police are investigating.

We can only wonder what the woman would have done with that many sandwiches, which were to be grilled rather than fried, most likely in the name of good health. Maybe she was going to build a fort out of them. What would you do with that much grilled chicken?

$3,000 order of food too tempting to be true [Buffalo News via Fark]

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