Thief Tries To Buy $3K Worth Of Chicken Sandwiches With Stolen Credit Card

You’re a thief who has just exercised your criminal genius to swipe two credit cards from an unsuspecting victim. You know you probably have only a few hours to use your golden tickets to fulfill your dreams before the cards are rendered worthless. What do you do? Try and buy as many chicken sandwiches as possible, of course.

The Buffalo News reports a woman tried to to just that. An employee became suspicious when the woman ordered $3,000 in sandwiches using two allegedly stolen credit cards, then reported the activity to the credit card companies. Police are investigating.

We can only wonder what the woman would have done with that many sandwiches, which were to be grilled rather than fried, most likely in the name of good health. Maybe she was going to build a fort out of them. What would you do with that much grilled chicken?

$3,000 order of food too tempting to be true [Buffalo News via Fark]


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  1. Marlin says:

    OK maybe the fact that these sandwichs cost over $11 should be a story, Are they that good or come with some sides?

    Fro those that did not read the link the order was for 255 sandwichs.

  2. FireJayPa says:

    Hmm, I wonder if she axed for extra biscuits.

  3. Papa Bear says:

    I don’t know her personal circumstances, but maybe she was was going to hand them out to the homeless. Similar thing happened where I live. Homeless guy found/stole a credit card and went to a local McD’s and ordered several hundred dollars worth of hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Or maybe, she is just nuts!

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      There’s no “or maybe she’s nuts” – I think stealing credit cards to buy chicken sandwiches to hand them out to the homeless is pretty nuts. You can’t justify stealing by saying they’re going to the homeless. It’s still wrong, even if some people who need help benefit.

  4. Hoss says:

    255 sandwiches is an oddly specific order.

  5. leprechaunshawn says:

    No buddy evr sed theefs arr genieuses.

  6. Blueskylaw says:

    Munchies much?

  7. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    255, eh? Obviously she was trying to take a byte out of crime.

  8. whosyer12 says:

    Did she buy a freezer first?

  9. Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

    Buy them at $5 a pop, sell them for $10 at the local prison. She gets the cash that she couldn’t without the pin, and doubles the profits for paraphernalia. It’s a purely business decision.

    No one ever heard of Cheeseburger Eddie?

  10. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Congrats on finding two not maxed out credit cards. What are the odds?

  11. lance55 says:

    Robin hood!

    1) Give the sammiches to the homeless

    2) Victim reports card stolen; refutes charge

    3) Lender takes the hit

    • ReaperRob says:

      No, the merchant takes the hit. When fraud is discovered the merchant pays back the lender.

      • RadarOReally has got the Post-Vacation Blues says:

        It depends. If the merchant followed all the rules, then the issuer takes the hit. If the card isn’t recovered, there’s no way to see if the signatures matched, so as long as they got the receipt signed, swiped the card electronically or imprinted it, for a bricks-and-mortar merchant, they’re fine. The card issuer will eat it.

  12. RandomHookup says:

    She was thinking of their value as collectibles.

  13. veritybrown says:

    She could have been planning to put the meat in the freezer (that’s probably what I’d do if someone gave me 200+ grilled chicken sandwiches). She could have been pulling a “Robin Hood” and giving them out to the homeless. Who knows. But an order like that is bound to attract attention, so it wasn’t a very bright move, regardless of the motive.

    You know, I wonder if she stole the cards from someone she hates and was just trying to cost them money out of spite? (And yes, I know that there are liability limits if your card is stolen, but the thief may not have known that.) The fact that she seems to have bought the most expensive sandwiches possible certainly lends itself to that idea.

  14. dolemite says:

    I’ve always sworn one day to build a pyramid out of cheeseburgers on a giant platter and walk around like Wimpy from Popeye, but I’d think I’d only need about 50 or so.

  15. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    He’s mad. MAD I tell you!


  16. haggis for the soul says:

    $3,000/ 255 sandwiches = $11.76 per sandwich. Not a very thrifty criminal.

  17. Villnius says:

    Perhaps she just wanted to cause trouble for the restaurant. The fact that she requested them grilled rather than fried (ie. more trouble) supports that.

    If the transaction had gone through, the restaurant would have been shafted by the credit card company, as they don’t pay on transactions deemed fraudulent — however, they’ll still bill service fees on it. So, the restaurant would have put in all that work to make those sandwiches, and been out the cost for the food and cooking fuel *PLUS* $900 in service charges. The service charge for accepting credit cards is typically 3% of the transaction and they still charge it even if the transaction was deemed fraudulent.