Man Says Penis Enlarger Never Worked, Even After 500 Hours Of Use

What with all that free healthcare and those easygoing natures up north in Canada, there’s not much to get upset about. So why not sue over a penis enlarger to stir stuff up?

A Quebec man says that even though he used the penis enlarger in question for 500 hours total, it never worked. Imagine spending that much time with something that is doing absolutely nothing!

He’s going before small-claims court, trying to get $762 in moral and punitive damages and to cover the cost of the tool in question, the $262 X4 Extender Deluxe Edition, says the Chronicle Herald.

With all those apparently wasted hours behind him, the man told a paper in Granby, Que., that he was speaking out so that other men wouldn’t make the same mistake he had. A judge is expected to rule on the case in the next month and a half.

We’ve got to thank Consumerist reader Rhonda W. for her attention to such important legal battles.

Penis enlarger case in small-claims court [The Chronicle Herald]

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