City Says You Can Park For An Hour, But Subway Wants You Gone In 15 Minutes

Justin snapped this photo outside a Tacoma, Wash. Subway. The dueling signs test your loyalty between Subway and the city government. Since it’s doubtful a Subway has the sole authority to tow or fine your car on a public street, I assume he can go ahead and park there for the full hour if he likes.

Justin writes:

As you can see, city regulations allow one hour of street parking, while Subway (who to my knowledge does not own the space in front of the store) is trying to limit the space to Subway customers only, and for just 15 minutes. The sign looks mass-produced and I’m wondering if Subway is sending these out and trying to override municipal parking
regulations all across the nation.

Have you noticed signs like this at a Subway near you?

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