Watch Out For Phantom Comcast Technician Visits On Your Bill

Have you called Comcast recently to make any changes to your account or your services? Make sure that you don’t have any phantom technician visits billed to your account. That’s what happened to Jason every time he made any changes to his account.

He writes:

I want to let you guys know about a little game that Comcast has been playing recently. In my opinion, this really borders scam levels. At least two times now, some form of a $30 “Technician Visit” fee and a $2.99 “Service Transaction” fee have popped up on my bill without any visit ever occurring. The first time this occurred, I shrugged it off as a mistake, shot off a tweet to @comcastcares and in a few short minutes had the fee removed. Then it happened again. I then noticed that this happens every time a promo expired and I had to call in to change my bill or services. The first time I was put on a new DVR promo, and the second I had the price of HBO reduced from $20/month to $10/month.

On both of these changes made over the phone, they triggered these bogus technician visit fees. I inquired to @comcastwill why this was happening, and this is what he had to say:
“from what i saw last night, we arent proofing ourselves when making rate changes/corrections. it’s auto-adding the fee…but we need to remove it manually. unfortunately it hasnt happened as of yet. its based on how the agent adds the code, if they use installation type codes it adds the tech visit fee….i’ll notate the acct to review changes before confirming them to try to nip this in the bud.”

I find it highly suspect that simply changing the price of HBO on my bill should trigger any technician visit fee, and I have to wonder how many people use auto-pay and miss this completely. Hopefully, we can get the word out to the readers to check for this kind of thing more often! I’ll attach a snapshot of the charges on my bill, as well as the response from @comcastwill.

tech visit fee.JPG

tech visit fee 2.JPG

tech visit fee 4.JPG