Cut Your Hotel Bill By Starting A Bidding War

The New York Times has a round-up of money-saving travel hints for 2011 — and there are a few interesting ideas, like searching student travel agencies for trips with no age restrictions, and negotiating with the reservation agents at multiple hotels.

Here’s how you do that last one:

Though many hotels say that they offer their best rates online, it pays to ask the front desk for a lower rate. My colleague Seth Kugel regularly uses this tactic, as he pointed out in a column last summer: “I arrive with a solid reservation but then check out five or six other hotels and go back and forth between them in an attempt to set off a price war.” The strategy saved him $20 a night in León, Nicaragua. I have had similar success over the phone with reservation agents at New York hotels like the Ritz-Carlton New York and 60 Thompson.

Anyone actually done this? Any further tips or suggestions?

11 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs in 2011 [NYT]

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