Awesome Holiday Gives You Until April 18 To Do Taxes

Tax Cat here. Yes, I’m sorry, it’s me again. What? You’re glad to see me? You’re going to itemize? Oh, I can’t stop purring. Well, I know Consumerist readers are already hard at work preparing their 2010 returns — and never, ever procrastinate — but I thought I’d pop in and mention that a little-known D.C. holiday that celebrates the freeing of slaves (called “Emancipation Day”) is being observed on April 15th. That means that since taxes can’t be due on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays — you get until April 18th this year to file your taxes!

Or you could just do it early and get it out of the way. Ahem.

Oh, look, someone is moving a foot under a blanket. I must attack that right away. See you all later.

Tax day extended to April 18 [CNN]

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