Walmart Wants In On Pennsylvania Wine Vending Machine Bonanza

Remember those wine vending machines at Pennsylvania grocery stores? They’ve proven successful enough to turn heads at Walmart, which is planning to add the machines to some of its stores in the state.

KDKA Pittsburgh reports Walmart has preliminary approval from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to place the machines in seven stores.

The machines work around Pennsylvania laws that forbid booze sales at grocery stores. Oenophiles must pass breathalyzers, swipe their IDs, then show their pictures to a state official observing via closed circuit TV before buying their wine.

Vending machine wine and a value bin DVD sound like one hell of a night in. Lucky Pennsylvanians.

Vintage idea! A wine vending machine… all you have to do is swipe your driving licence, look into the CCTV camera and blow into the Breathalyser [KDKA Pittsburgh via Slashdot through Engadget]

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