NJ Couple Marries At Dunkin' Donuts

How much do you like Dunkin’ Donuts? Definitely not as much as the New Jersey couple who are so devoted to its drive-thru coffee that they decided to get married there.

“We constantly come here. We hit the drive-thru sometimes twice a night,” the bride said.

WABC New York reports the coupling unfolded in a speedy manner fitting for the fast caffeination Dunkin’ Donuts offers. After dating since April, the couple got engaged on Black Friday, then received approval to be married at their favorite Dunkin’ Donuts after calling last week.

The franchisee presented the couple with a coffee and doughnut gift basket that included a lottery ticket. They’ll hold a larger ceremony in September, and the franchisee said he’ll provide a doughnut cake.

Coffee lovers get married at NJ donut shop [WABC New York]

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