XM Radio: Useful Service, Useless Customer Service

Bruin likes XM satellite radio. Well, the service. Not the customer service. The confusion and incompetence that he encountered while trying to simply get the account permissions stream radio programs online was stunning. He lost his service, was charged an erroneous $480, and put him on endless holds. Until that one magical representative showed up who fixed everything and helped XM keep Bruin as a customer.

On the 24th of December I decided to look at XM’s listen online offering. Before you can use XM to listen online you need to log into your account and set up the listen online service. I tried to log into my XM account which I have had since 2003, XM wouldn’t let me log in. I used the reset password function on their web site and the web site wouldn’t let me log in with the password they sent me. I called XM and talked to customer service reps that after transferring me around and having me wait on hold for about an hour decided that the only way to fix the log-in problem was to delete my account, which they did. Next they demanded my credit card number which I declined to give them since they already had several hundred dollars for a multi-year plan. I told them that once I could log-in, I would go online and update my credit card info. I then told them to call me once they fixed my account and not to break my account in such a way that my radios stopped working, they said they would do this, they never called me back.

At 6:15 am Christmas morning, on my way to work, the XM radio on my Honda Goldwing wouldn’t play any channel but the preview channel, all of the other channels said “updating”.

On the 26th I could log-in to the XM web site (with my original log-in and the password they had e-mailed me) and see my account. In my car, with XM, all the channels seemed to work, however my Goldwing would still only receive the preview channel and the weather service didn’t work. I called XM and they re-sent the activation signal to the radio, after a few minutes the traffic reporting system began working. No music or weather and I don’t pay for or subscribe to the traffic reports. I logged onto XM and looked at my account and while my payment history showed I have paid for three years of audio plus weather, the radio itself shows that it is only activated for “NavTraffic”. I called XM back told the representative to fix my account so it looks just like it did on 12/23 and to call me back when that was done. The representative verified that she had the correct phone number and said she would do this.

After several hours nobody had called, so I called them back and explained once again what the problem was. I told the representative what I wanted and how my radios should be set up. The representative assured me that he would take care of everything, put me on hold and never came back on the line. I hung up after about ten minutes. I called twice on the 27th and ended up with the radio on my Goldwing still not working and a $480 charge added to my account which was previously about half way through a paid up three year plan.

On the 28th I called, explained everything once again, was placed on hold so the representative could “talk to billing” and was hung up on after being on hold for ten minutes. I decided that on the next call (my 8th) I would either not hang up until both radios worked correctly and the account balance was fixed or I would cancel the account. This call was the first one that I was connected to a XM representative who was not an “overseas representative”. Within about forty minutes both of my radios were working, the erroneous $480 dollar charge was removed, my account was being refunded the balance of about half of the paid up three year plan and I had been given a credit for the next six months of service on my Goldwing. The representative explained that by refunding my previous plan and giving me a six month credit I could take my time and decide what plan I wanted.

I like my XM radio and really didn’t want to cancel it, I live in the southwest and outside the cities there isn’t much on conventional radio. One representative finally made the difference and kept me as a customer. If I hadn’t been connected to her XM would have lost me as a customer. I don’t see how XM believes that their overseas call center is providing good service to their customers.

Note to XM: the point of a customer service call center is not to drive customers away.


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  1. Boberto says:

    Do you now see how beneficial the merger between XM and Sirius, has been for consumers?

    I have an XM radio in my car that I haven’t used in over a year. I stream internet radio from my iPhone instead.

    Everyone I know who pays for this, does so because of Stern. I do miss Opie and Anthony though.

    • CalicoGal says:

      O&A is the ONLY reason I still have XM.

    • jesirose says:

      I use XM for music, not talk. I could stream radio or just play my own music, but I really enjoy the 3 stations I listen to.

      I hate that it cuts out under a bridge, but oh well.

    • alexwade says:

      Sirius ruined XM. I bought XM in the second month after it came out. I loved it! No DJ’s, a few commercials but not obtrusive, lots of choice, and a really good indie music station. It only got better when the commercials were done away with. Then along came Sirius and they bought XM. Now the music stations had DJ’s who would talk for at least a minute, often longer. I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU! STOP TALKING! The selection seemed to be the same. But what really upset me was how Sirius just gutted XM. Instead of taking what was better with both, they only took from XM what Sirius didn’t have and abandoned the rest. The indie music station was no longer worth listening too either. XM Chill was gone too.

      Now here is the bad part, I had to call and cancel TWICE! The first time I called and canceled, I told them I was canceling because I couldn’t take the stupid DJ’s talking for the longest time about nothing anymore. The foreign help desk guy said “If we give you a 50% discount, would you stay?” I said no, because I wasn’t canceling because of price but because of quality. Soon thereafter, I got a bill for another year at 50% off. I called again, this time I told them I was canceling because I already canceled and why should I deal with a company that has such lousy service.

      Sirius ruined XM. Sirius ruined satellite radio.

    • Griking says:

      Do you now see how beneficial the merger between XM and Sirius, has been for consumers?

      Their customer service was never really any good IMO so the merger really didn’t change anything

    • Jchamberlain says:

      O&A are still on. Try out XM 202.

  2. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    I finally had to cancel XM after dealing with the abysmal customer service and the horrid programming decisions made in the wake of the Sirius merger. They killed 80[s music channel “Fred” and told us that “First Wave” was a valid replacement – yes let’s go from a huuuuuuge playlist and no-DJs to a short and shallow list with vapid DJs who don’t even know what they’re playing. The old XM Chill was a great choice if you wanted some down-tempo electronica, the Sirius-XM version again had a limited playlist and a complete misundertanding of the genre.

    • rpm773 says:

      Oh, Fred and First Wave don’t even compare. And those dumbass DJs with their seemingly obligatory Cockney accent…

      Then the 80s channel dropped AT40 for the one with the stupid MTV VJs. Nina Blackwood sounds like she’s on oxygen.

      The 90s channel dropped the Rick Dees countdown for….nothing.

      Lucy had pretty good variety. Whatever the Sirius equivalent is called stinks.

      • Derigiberble says:

        If they hadn’t completely gutted Lucy, Ethel, Fred, and The Verge I would have kept my subscription to XM. It was nice to listen to at work to drown out the noise of my officemate chatting on the phone.

        They used to have deep deep play lists and I found tons of bands and music I enjoyed that I never would have found otherwise. Then the merger happened, the stations were either killed or given horribly shallow play lists, and I swear the audio quality on some of them dropped too.

        I got Sirrus 6 months for free with my new VW, and besides a quick flick through the channels to verify that they indeed do still suck and I haven’t used it at all.

    • Riroon13 says:


      Sirius/XM lost me when they lost Fred. They messed with my other two favorite channels — XM Comedy and the alt country channel.

      I missed how XM Comedy used to show the name of the comedian on the display. It helped me a lot in finding tickets, bits on iTunes, and shows on Comedy Central, as well as introduce me to a bunch of great guys (Jackie the Joke Teller and ‘The Lovemaster’ among two). And as vulgar as XM Comedy was, it was jokes first. The switch to Breuer killed it, always displaying his name on the display (do we need another reminder?) and playing what seemed to be the unfunniest of vulgar comedians.

      Also, Mojo Nixon on the alt country? He belongs as an artist on 80’s alt rock, not trying to be unfunny as a dj on the lame Sirius offering.

      That being said, I could have lived without those channels. But when Fred went dead, I went to pandora and last FM, and spent my monthly subscription on iTunes.

      • larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

        I have a URL for a “station” on Slacker that somebody set up to emulate Fred. Unfortunately, I’m at work and the URL is at home. I’ll try to remember to post a reply here after I get home and locate the information.

        • PunditGuy says:

          Is it their 80s Alternative station? It’s not bad, but it’s repetitive. Nothing will ever replace Fred and their awesome promos (“I see Fred people…”).

          • larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

            No, it’s something one person specifically created; I don’t think it’s searchable.

            There were at least two “bring back Fred” groups on Facebook. I posted on one of them how much I loved those promos (“bumpers” in the radio vernacular) and got a thank-you from the guy who created most of them (/useless babbling)

            • PunditGuy says:

              Every time I hear “London Calling” these days, I expect some guy to start droning “Fred…”

              If you find that URL, let us know.

              • larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

                Sometimes I forget I have a smartphone in my pocket…although in my defense, I hadn’t previously installed the Slacker app.

                try this – http:/www.slacker.com/?sid=stations/9807304/1228678367

                Or Google “slacker fred xm”, that should return a link to the forum where it’s linked.

  3. rpm773 says:

    If you’re going to deal with XM customer service, plan to block out at least 90 minutes. That’s what I’ve learned.

  4. cmdr.sass says:

    I bought a new car with XM radio. I had been considering keeping it after the initial trial, but in every communication with the company from day one (mail and phone) they could never get my name right even after being corrected. I have a very simple Anglo name. If I tell you my last name is one thing, but you keep sending me stuff under a different name, I’m not inclined to send you any money. Imagine if I had a problem with a bill. It wasn’t worth the risk of future problems with their incompetent customer service.

    • FuzzyWillow says:

      I let my trial expire, then I got a letter indicating they would let me sign up for a year for a real low price.


      Called to find out the real low price was before they added a bunch of made-up fees and then wasn’t a real low price anymore.

      Go to hell XM.

  5. Skellbasher says:

    SiruisXM has never had the greatest customer service. I used to have a radio, and no issues with it or the service. My vehicle was broken into and the sat radio stolen, and I decided that I just wanted to cancel. Called Sirius, explained why I wanted to cancel. Normal retention questions, but eventually they canceled my account.

    Fast forward 3 months later. They started billing again. I called, and found my account wasn’t canceled, it was only put on hold. I got my card credited, and they again canceled my account.

    Fast forward 3 months later. Again they started billing. They AGAIN had simply put my account on hold, not canceling it. I raised hell, and this time someone finally canceled it properly. They have not billed since.

    These stunts killed any thoughts I had of coming back eventually, which I had planned to do.

    • insane1220 says:

      I feel your pain i had the same issue with my Sirius unit being stolen and then they credited me 3 months until I got a new unit. However, when I called to activate the new unit they took me telling them that the old unit was stolen as ‘I want to pay for that scumbag to have a radio.’ So they added the new unit that I received as a second unit and told me that they added the new unit and I thought nothing of it since I was under the impression that the old unit was out of my account. Fast forward about a year later I realized that their fees had gone up severely … or so I thought. They then told me it was my fault when it was clearly documented in my account that the original unit had been stolen. I know I should have some responsibility but they should have done what I had asked in adding the unit and realizing that I had said multiple times that the unit was stolen.

      As of now i have not paid for service, every time I call to cancel they give me an extension. Right now I’m good til May ’11. Let ya know if I keep getting service.

  6. CalicoGal says:

    I’ve had XM since about 2004, and the only worthwhile customer service I have gotten is when I select the phone tree’s CANCEL option.
    Usually, the call is then routed to a non-overseas person who is fully empowered.

    I found that the overseas people seemed to not even be talking to me; like I would ask a question or make a statement and their reply would be nonsensical compared to what I had said.

  7. Murph1908 says:

    I dropped XM when they wouldn’t combine my XM account with my wife’s new Sirius account, despite the companies merging and becoming 1.

    • KarbonKopy says:

      I dont get this either. I have 4 Sirius radios and one XM….but have to pay full price and separate billing for the XM one.

  8. dolemite says:

    Every time I get my $25 bill from XM, I’m tempted to cancel. I listen to it for about 45 minutes a day, and I’m pissed that they don’t offer “family plans” anymore. When you try and get a discount out of them, they push their 2-3 year contracts on you.

    Their customer service really is terrible, as is their website.

    I’ve also noticed more and more “commercials” and dj interruptions. When I say commercials, I mean a DJ plugging a concert tour, or some promotional website or a new CD coming out.

    • Griking says:

      They do (or did) offer lifetime plans that are worth looking into if you know that you’re always going to be a listener. Pay one flat price and never get another bill again.

  9. Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:


  10. guysmileypkt says:

    After cancelling my account this year, they still billed me for the next 3 months… took 2 weeks of daily calls to get the charge refunded (my radio had stopped functioning on the date my paid time expired). The experience was bad enough that I don’t think it’ll be worth picking up the service again in the future.

  11. jaredwilliams says:

    You had to work on Christmas dude? That fucking blows.

    • kc2idf says:

      It does, but . . .

      Somebody is patrolling the streets . . .
      . . . someone is making sure the power stays on . . .
      . . . someone is on call to put out fires . . .
      . . . someone will be there when your furnace decides Christmas is the day to quit . . .
      . . . someone will serve you when you go out to eat . . .

      It’s not all service jobs, either. I am on call every three weeks for my (IT) job, and sometimes it falls on a holiday, and sometimes I get called on holidays. It truly blows, but somebody has to do it.

  12. Slowchange says:

    XM customer service was bad and since the merger it is pathetic. I bought a new car in December ’09 with XM and Nav Traffic installed. Once the trial was over I was able to start the service but was told that my vehicle did not have the Nav Traffic (which I had for the 3 trial months). After 4 phone calls I still did not have the traffic but had been charged for 3 years of service when I had only signed up for one. Each person I speak to seems to get dumber.

  13. al says:

    I sat for 45 minutes on the phone for someone to activate a radio. Being bounced from one rep to another because it was in my girlfriends car radio under her name when the account expired and I wanted to activate it on my account. I rarely get angry on the phone but I lost it on that call. Shortly after I lost it, then did it. Shame it had to come to that.

  14. APCO25guy says:

    Two things to get: Pandora and an unlimited data plan. You’ll forget about Sirius/XM and their overpriced incompetence. And you can listen anywhere your BB, iPhone or Droid gets a signal or Wifi (as long as your device has it, my BB Tour does not). Pandora lets you hear what you want. If you like talk radio there are free apps like IHeartRadio from CC.

    Satellite radio is a yesterday’s technology. Sirius/XM is in financial trouble, they’ve already been bailed out once, but any investor can see there is only so much rope left for this business model, and terrestrial radio…you mean people still listen to that?

    My car has Bluetooth with stereo support. I can pipe my BB through it, not only can I listen to Pandora, I Heart Radio, and whatever MP3 collection I can fit on my 4GB micro SD card, but when a call comes in, I’ve got hands free too. That’s what comes out of my dash. I had a free 6 month trial of Sirius-XM. Wasn’t worth paying to listen to the same stuff available for free on Pandora.

    • vastrightwing says:

      I agree. Use a data plan and stream your music. Satellite radio was a cool idea, but got implemented horribly wrong. Now that it’s too late, here is how it could work:
      1) Use a sim chip like GSM. Don’t tie a subscription to a physical radio. Too late to fix.
      2) Don’t charge more than $9/mo for audio. It’s way too much to ask.
      3) Listen to your customers and try to make them happy with their purchase.

      I pay Pandora $36/year because it gives me enough value to pay. I will not pay a company much more than that for radio, especially Sirius/XM after hearing some of the B.S. they make you endure. How they can treat their customers like this and still stay in business.. I’m at a loss.

    • dolemite says:

      If you have a phone with Pandora, do you get a wireless transmitter or something so your car can pick it up? My car has a USB input and an iPod jack.

      • jason in boston says:

        Getting an AUX input was one of the greatest investments I have made for commuting. Bluetooth audio (for anything other than podcasts) is abismal, as is with fm modulators. I did the head unit swap myself, but around Boston you can get an aux input installed for under $50 for most model cars.

  15. osiris73 says:

    SiriusXM service has always been abysmal even before the merger. I’ve had it for years, starting when it was Sirius. Plan on a minimum of an hour each and every time you try to call them. I’ve been billed incorrectly and/or overcharged so many times its ridiculous. Easily the worst customer service of any company I deal with. Ever.

  16. Leela says:

    XM has the worst customer service. I bought a RAV 4 this summer with three months of free XM. But because I previously had XM many years ago, they got completely confused and could not seem to understand that I canceled that account years ago and I wanted to activate the new one. I went through three CSR’s before someone managed to figure it out. I too, almost gave up.

  17. oldwiz65 says:

    When companies do mergers, one of the first things they axe is customer service. I wonder how many of the lost customers were simply due to billing and customer service being totally incompetent? When I bought my last car, the salesperson asked if I would be interested in the Sat radio, but I said no.

    • larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

      To be fair (?), XM had piss-poor customer service before the Sirius takeover.

  18. KarbonKopy says:

    I can’t agree more. My wife has XM and I swear the address self changes itself on random every 3-4 months. Last time it was a PO box (?) and the billing wouldn’t go through. Once I finally got them on the phone they wanted to charge me for reactivating the service? I got my way in the end…but yeah….XM service is 0/10.

  19. A.C. Rogers says:

    I’ve had XM since 2001 and have a similar story. My latest car was totaled and I wanted to put my account on hold since I got a new car with a free 3-month trial of XM. Even just to do that, I got bounced around, put on hold, hung up on (!) and then finally, after several calls over several days, I was finally able to straighten things out with a call center representative who seemed to be within the states, rather than overseas (I am assuming).
    I bought my husband XM with 3 months of service for Christmas (that last rep was REALLY great–even got me to buy something), which we haven’t activated yet. I wonder what kind of fun is in store for us.

  20. Jeff The Riffer says:

    XM is a piece of shit. You get better customer service from a crack whore.
    I’m getting charged for service even though my account lists no radios and no service. Go figure.
    I didn’t waste more than 5 minutes on the phone, after I had to literally scream obscenities at their voice response system to get it to give me a “live representative”. They seem to think that when you ask for a representative, you really want to just keep talking to a VRU.

    So I just called my credit card company and declared the charges unauthorized. Fuck ’em.

    • Kate says:

      I’ve noticed that with phone systems now. You actually yell at them long enough and a live rep comes up.

      • dolemite says:

        You don’t have to yell…just mumble jibberish.

        “Tell me the problem you are having, and I’ll direct you to a not-useful solution”
        “Frizzle Frazzum”
        “I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Can you repeat that?”
        “I’m sorry, I still don’t understand you. I’ll connect you to a customer service representative.”

  21. TheWraithL98 says:

    i loathe their customer service – i’ve been with XM since 2004, and it’s been crap for most of that. I’m seriously considering pulling the plug myself too. Laziness and Opie and Anthony are the two things stopping me.

    They still managed to raise rates despite part of the agreement of the merger being that that would not for years. They have completely gotten away from the deep tracks that made the music channels interesting originally and turned things into regular radio without commercials. If I hear that “turn the girl next door into hell on heels” Hinder song one more time on Octane I’m going to stab someone in the throat.

    And their iphone streaming is unreliable, and the app is crap that they obviously bought from musicdock and have invested nothing into. It doesn’t have a portrait mode, or an iPad version, and like clockwork every couple of months it boots me out, tells me there’s a problem with my account and forces me to type in my login again 2-3 times over the course of a day.

    Perfect example of a company that had a good idea that people went all-in on, but they didn’t invest anything into maintaining it, so it will die.

  22. darcygreen says:

    I currently have free XM with my new car and when it expires it will stay off. I really liked First Wave for about a day and then soon hated it when I kept hearing the same bands and the same songs over and over. There is more to 80’s music than Depeche Mode, Clash and early U2 songs. And if I hear one more song by Squeeze I’m gonna puke. XM’s definition of “new wave” music from the 80’s is horrible.

  23. davidsco says:

    Who says XM is useful? Plug an MP3 player into your AUX jack, or better yet, get a Car Stereo with USB, but a $25 External Hard drive, load up your music and you’re set.

    1. No dropouts in tunnels
    2. No annoying DJ’s
    3. No “ads”
    4. Plays YOUR music, that YOU want to hear
    5. Free

    Satellite is for SUCKERS

  24. Illusio26 says:

    I canceled XM when they put in that stupid music royalty fee. I thought their service was overpriced to begin with and wasn’t about to pay another fee on top of that

  25. Nic715 says:

    Is their customer service the same as Sirius’? Because I had a HELL of a time with Sirius…one year they charged my checking account for another year of service without a word…no notice, didn’t ask if I WANTED another year of service…at that point, I did, but I was pissed they just charged me without sending me a bill or a notice to continue my subscription. Just one day checked my bank account to find $80 missing. I called and told them to delete all my checking account info, etc. and next time they’d better send me a bill and they were NOT to just assume I wanted another year’s worth of service, they agreed, said it was done and that I would be sent a bill next year. (My bad, I was young and naïve and didn’t think to ask for that in writing.)

    Fast forward a year, I was recently unemployed, didn’t have the $80 to cover another year and was no longer commuting 2 hours each day in South Florida traffic and no longer used or WANTED the service. I was doing errands one day and knew I had enough money to get groceries and then go get cash to cover another bill. When I got to the bank, they said my account was over drafted…sure enough, Sirius had struck again. No warning, nothing. Just $80 silently removed from my checking account and then they wouldn’t refund the charges! I had to go through MANY phone calls…finally, it was my bank that agreed it was an unauthorized charge and refunded my money, plus the over draft fee…I called Sirius back and told them to cancel my subscription, and delete all of my info from their system. This time I got written confirmation that my info had been removed, but guess what? They decided 2 months later that I still had the subscription and hadn’t paid for service in 2 months and started calling me 3 times a day every day. Each msg they left said there was a problem with processing my renewal, so I ignored it…figured they were sales calls, trying to get me to renew. Nope. Jerks sent me to collections, because they never shut my service off and I still came up as an active subscriber who hadn’t paid for service. Then I had to deal with a whole new set of problems. Luckily, I had the written statement, saying my info had been removed from their system, and the collection agency (thankfully!) accepted that as proof that I’d requested an account cancelation and reversed it, but phew….it ended up being a 5 month ordeal.

  26. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    Ahhh, the Honda Goldwing… the seat wrapped in unicorn leather and filled with angel clouds.

    XM seems to have really turned a neat idea into a nightmare product. I guess they don’t care if they ever sell any more radios, but after hearing lots of stories like this, I know I’ll never buy one.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      How do you listen to the radio on a bike? Is it in your helmet? The only time I ever rode on a bike I couldn’t hear anything but WHOOOOSH!!!!

      • Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

        Oh, I don’t know. I think it is in the helmet. I don’t ride or drive a motorcycle.. I just sat on a Goldwing while my dad was shopping one time.

        No kidding, comfiest seat.. ever… anywhere. Not just motorcycle.. but anything sittable.. I want to get a seat from one and make a stool/chair out of it for my constant sitting pleasure.

  27. NJRich says:

    Totally agree about the horrible CS for XMradio has to be the worst. I usually get reps with either heavy French Canadian accents or heavy Jamaican accents! Very diverse outsourcing! Most recent experience was caused by traffic service stopping. First rep told me it was signal refresh that was needed, wasted a day and still no traffic. Second rep told me service had expired and I needed to spend $156 for just the traffic so I told him forget about it. I also couldn’t logon to the web site and sent a email about that issue. Three days later the sweetest lady from MidWest calls to explain website issues and I tell her about my traffic subscription. She tells me its only $56 for traffic and then offers to charge me only $30 for my troubles! I take that offer and all is well for the moment.

    But these folks really need help ! I slammed them in the first two surveys about my experiences with CS.

  28. mcgyver210 says:

    We also canceled XM Radio due to very bad customer service & incorrect charges & haven’t missed them. On our boat we use a marine radio with an Ipod or Iphone. In our vehicles we now just use the same or over air radio.

  29. Aurora says:

    I hate XM! I called to start a year’s worth of service for my husband for around 175. The (i hate to say it, but English as a second language) woman on the phone said that since I was getting the year I was able to get a promotional discount on another radio. (20.00 for a radio that is normally 80ish) It being November I said sure since I could probably use it for a Christmas gift

    I went over the contract with her. I don’t know who here has went through it but it is a lot of, we are giving you X at this price and Y at this price is this okay, yes or no. I liked this a lot because most places say “okay, charging you now” ect ect. . I was very excited because the process seemed so smooth. I gave my CC info for the year contract and the radio and was given an account number for my husband’s account.

    I check my credit card account two months later and there is an 80 dollar charge!!! THis is on top of the years service for my husband and the 20 for the radio. I called customer service and apparently this radio was “activated” and also had a three month subscription. Was this mentioned in my “verbal” contract? NO. I was told multiple times by this person that I had to “agree” to the contract or I wouldn’t have been charged. I told them multiple times another contract was NEVER mentioned and that the “discount” was only for a 20 dollar radio, nothing else. This got me nowhere and I was transferred to the returns ( I think) department.

    I told them I wanted to send the radio back and get my money back; I was told I would be charged an early termination fee. I asked, how can I have an early termination fee for a radio I have no account number on?? She said that when I said “yes” to the radio, I was also agreeing to open another account w/ this radio with three months of service. I said this was never gone over and we just really went round and round for about 30 minutes. Now I know that it’s not this processors fault but the person who got the commission for a fraudulent account opening decided to cut my losses and not waste her or anymore of my time. I asked her to just give me 40 dollar back. I figured for a lesson learned 40 dollars was kind of cheap half to them, half to me . She agreed, two months later I get a credit from XM from only 19.00. I did not want to go through the harassment of being told what I ” agreed” to when I didn’t again, so i chalked it up to this 80 dollar radio costing me more than it should have. It has sat in my garage ever since.

    Warning, don’t ever upgrade or get a radio or services through the phone. Unfourtunetly, my husband LOVES XM since he wasn’t the one to deal with customer service but reinstating our account online was a breeze.

  30. gbhicks says:

    I fault crappy training for customer service reps, poor documentation on how to resolve customer issues, and generally bad hiring practices.

  31. gecko says:

    I called in to sign up for XM service as the promo was about to expire. The guy was creepy. He kept doing this giggling nervous laugh sort of thing on the phone. After trying to hook into some higher priced plans and trying to get me to buy some home listening device the call ended and I thought that was that.

    A few hours later I get a call from them asking if I liked the service and started to go into a roll on trying to sell me service. I cut him off and told him I had already signed up earlier. The call sounded like he was on a cellphone or standing out at some street corner. He was blunt and direct and had me on hold while he looked up the account and I guess saw that I had indeed signed up and then said bye.