Hacking Your Spouse's Email Could Land You In Jail For Half A Decade

Before you consider snooping in your spouse’s email, you may want to pay close attention to a case unfolding in Michigan in which a man faces up to five years of prison for hacking into his wife’s messages.

The Detroit Free Press reports the man faces felony charges under a Michigan anti-hacking statute that’s usually used to prosecute identity theft and corporate espionage. The accused was trying to find out whether or not his wife was cheating. The good news for him and any others who go through their significant others’ email is that a legal expert doesn’t think the Oakland County prosecutor has much of a case:

“It’s going to be interesting because there are no clear legal answers here,” the expert told the Free Press. “I would guess there is enough gray area to suggest that she could not have an absolute expectation of privacy.”

What sort of electronic monitoring do you do on your significant other?

Is reading wife’s e-mail a crime? Rochester Hills man faces trial [Detroit Free Press]

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