Help, I Accidentally Shoplifted A Glass Pickle

Steve absent-mindedly stuffed a pickle in his pocket while shopping. A glass pickle. No one noticed him take it…including Steve. He’d be happy to go back to the store and pay for it, but the ornament is now broken.

So my wife and I were shopping for some last-minute gifts, and I come
across a Christmas ornament that I like. It’s a glass pickle, which is a
traditional Christmas ornament. Well my arms get full, so I put the pickle
in my pocket so I don’t drop it. Then of course I forgot about it, and
walked out without paying. So I thought to myself that it would be easy
enough to sneak it back in, then pay for it without anyone being the
wiser. But then I broke the ornament, meaning no cashier in their right
mind would let me buy it then. Do I have any recourse, or do I just have
to accept the fact that I am a thief?

This is similar to the Target DVD story from yesterday, with the added twist that the item in question has been smashed into bits.

Since we are way too classy a publication to make a joke about how Steve is “in a pickle,” let’s just move on to the poll.


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