Personal Finance Roundup

How to Get Financially Fit in the New Year [Wall Street Journal] “It’s time to think about getting in financial shape in 2011. Here’s a 12-month agenda.”

5 Expensive Things You Shouldn’t Buy [The Street] “Here are five things you should never buy unless you’re rich enough to stop working.”

5 Ways to Become Debt Free This Season [Yahoo Finance] “There are five clear-cut steps consumers should take to pull themselves free of their credit card debt.”

9 money goofs that won’t hurt much [MSN Money] “Worried that a late utility bill will wallop your credit scores? Stop fretting. These common lapses could lead to financial troubles, but they won’t ding your scores.”

How to Find the Hidden Cash in Your Attic [Smart Money] “SmartMoney asked the experts how down-sizers can make the most money — when they should bargain hard, when they should take the best offer they can get, and what items to give away.”


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