I Order Dipstick, Amazon Sends It In Box That Could Fit Spud Webb

When Greg ordered a dipstick, Amazon must have gotten confused and thought he wanted his item packaged by a dipstick. The company sent him his order in a crate that could house miniscule former NBA great Spud Webb — an unlockable player in the new NBA Jam game! — if he stooped down a little bit.

He writes:

I’ve seen some of these before posted on your site. Well here is another shot of absurd packaging from Amazon.com. I ordered a dipstick. Its about 2.5 feet long. The box is about 5 feet by 3 feet by 8 inches. What a waste.

Greg can use the box to construct a life-size go-kart replica, then use his new dipstick to pretend to change its oil. What would you do with a box that big?

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