Homeless Vet Returns Cash-Filled Wallet To Owner

If you ever lose a wallet stocked with cash but no identification, you can probably forget about ever reuniting with it. But a homeless 49-year-old Navy vet in Boston made the near-impossible happen for the bike messenger who lost the precious cargo.

The Boston Globe reports the man who found the wallet took it to police, who identified the owner through a receipt left inside.

The virtuous finder told the Globe he considered pocketing the cash and forgetting about being a hero.

“I counted the money and said, ‘Wow, I could probably get three nice presents with this,’ ” he said (the man has three children in another state). “But maybe it was some student’s Christmas gift money. I just kept thinking of the meaning of Christmas.”

If you’ve ever found a lost valuable, what did you do with it?

Man in need finds wallet and moral compass [Boston Globe]

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