UBS Gives Employees 43-Page Manual On How To Dress

Are you dress-SOX compliant? Swiss bank UBS has passed out a 43-page book to employees at 5 of its branches telling them what to wear and what not to wear.


  • Wear a stylish haircut as studies have shown them to increase your popularity
  • Wear dark grey, black, or navy blue suits, as they “symbolize competence, formalism and sobriety.”
  • Wear black knee-high socks if you’re a man, as you want to avoid showing any skin when you cross your legs.
  • Wear a watch as they suggest “reliability and great care for punctuality.”


  • Eat garlic and onions
  • Wear black nail polish or nail art
  • Wear short skirts
  • Have visible underwear

If successful, the style guide could be implemented bank-wide.

Have you ever gotten in trouble at work for breaking a dress code? How did you deal with it?

Dress to Impress, UBS Tells Staff [WSJ]

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