Target Employee Fired Over Black Friday Trampling Incident

After 14 years on the job, the head of security at a Buffalo, NY, Target store has been given the heave-ho-ho-ho after video of customers being trampled on Black Friday became an internet sensation.

The video, which shows customers literally running over each other to be the first ones in the door on Black Friday made national news. And after an investigation by the retail chain, it was decided that the store’s head of security had not done his job correctly.

The former security chief tells WKBW that he was let go “Because I didn’t make certain phone calls in the correct amount of time… you make a call to corporate to call people who need to know in our district that something has happened.” He explains that he had his hands full trying to maintain order at the store.

Another alleged reason behind dismissing the employee was that he did not properly employ barricades to keep line crashers at bay.

But he says that the real reason for his being fired is that the video went viral and Target had to find a scapegoat.

“It put pressure on Target,” he says. “They were, OK we have to do something.”

As we reported last week, one man at the Buffalo store suffered a herniated disk after being trampled by his fellow Target shoppers. The chain has reportedly agreed to take care of his medical bills.

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