Keep Getting Those Student Discounts Long After You Drop Out

Glory be to grad students, whose existence allows geezers in their 30s and beyond to be able to ask for student discounts with a straight face.

Lifehacker offers up a guide on how to maintain that student discount, regardless of whether or not you’re still attending college or have shifted your focus to the soul-crushing corporate world.

The post is filled with sundry sneaky tips on how to keep your Student ID up to code with handy forgery hints.

The post also suggests signing up for a cheap juco class just to get an ID – you can always drop the class once you’ve got your plastic – or even borrow a current student’s card on special occasions.

If you’re out of school and still use your student ID to scam discounts, what – if any – trickery have you used?

How to Get Student Discounts Forever [LifeHacker]

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