Comcast Suffers Major Midwest Outage

Another major outage hit Comcast customers, this time in the Midwest. Like the outage that occurred exactly a week ago on the East Coast, this one too started on a Sunday and involved their DNS servers being down.

The outage hit customers in Chicago, Northwest Indiana, and parts of Minnesota and Michigan. Cable and phone service was not affected.

Like last week, customers could circumvent the issue by switching their DNS server to a public one, like Google’s (If that makes you go “huh,” read here. )

Service was restored to most customers in the wee hours of early Monday morning.

Comcast told Consumerist that it wants customers to know that they are sorry for any inconvenience and that anyone who is still having problems they can likely resolve them by turning their modems on and off.

Comcast says Internet service restored [ChicagoBreakingNews] (Thanks to Todd!)

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