Take A Guess At How Best Buy Is Going To 'Revolutionize Retailing'?

Best Buy just announced it’s going to be running its first-ever Super Bowl ad when the Denver Broncos play the Carolina Panthers for the title (it will happen; just you watch) in February. And for its premiere ad in the high-profile sporting event, the retail giant says it has a super-cool ace up its sleeve.

Explains some Best Buy VP who probably locks the Geek Squad guys up in their locker:

We feel like we have really big news that will revolutionize retailing… It’s innovative; it’s first ever. That’s why the stage is so important for us. … [Super Bowl] is still one of the best places for big news, and probably getting more important because of fragmentation.

Revolutionize retailing? But how??

There are just so many things that need fixing in the retail world that we can barely begin to make a guess. That’s why we’re asking you, the Consumerist Hive Mind, to give us your best theories, pipe dreams, wishes and maybe even educated guesses.

So have at it in the comments and if anyone actually knows what Best Buy is planning, that would be cool to find out too.

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