What You Have To Tip People Who Work For You So They Don't Think You're A Jerk

If you’re a mailman, you’ll probably look just a little more kindly upon those who slip you $10 gift cards during the holidays, and may be willing to work just a little bit harder to keep them happy throughout the year. So think of holiday tipping as a way to buy goodwill that lasts year round and you’ll find yourself more motivated to tip appropriately.

Kiplinger put together a guide to help you determine the minimum value of a gift to keep those who serve you happy.

Among the tipping tips:

Garbage collectors: $10 to $30.

Cleaning people: The cost of one visit.

Newspaper delivery people: $10 to $30.

Babysitters: The cost of one to two babysitter jobs.

Hairstylists: The cost of one visit.

Dog walker: A week’s pay.

Chime in if you agree or disagree with these guidelines.

How Much Should You Tip for the Holidays? [Kiplinger]

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