Getting Drunk And Releasing The Anchor On Your Cruise Ship Is Not Hilarious

Drunken antics aboard a cruise ship are nothing new. But some intoxicated chicanery goes beyond trashing your stateroom after a few too many tequila sunrises on the Lido deck. Take for example the moron aboard a Holland Cruise ship who thought it would be all laugh-tastic to release the ship’s anchor while the vessel was cruising in international waters.

The MS Ryndam was traveling from Costa Maya, Mexico, to Tampa with over 1,800 people on board when the anchor was released and a life buoy was thrown overboard.

The incident caused the ship’s captain to sound the emergency alarm and muster all passengers and crew on deck for a head count.

Ultimately, they were able to identify the passenger — a 44-year-old man from California — from surveillance video.

From The Smoking Gun:

In an interview yesterday with federal agents, [the passenger], who was traveling with his girlfriend, admitted to deploying the ship’s anchor and throwing the life buoy overboard. During his confession, [the passenger] admitted entering a restricted area, donning work gloves, and taking several steps to release the anchor. [The passenger], who said he was drunk at the time, “stated that he owns a fifty foot boat with a similar anchor system to the ship’s anchor system.”

Anchor Drop Lands Cruise Passenger In Brig []

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