Consumers Union Asks You To Say No To Comcast/NBC Deal

With the clock still ticking on the proposed purchase of NBC Universal by Comcast, our benevolent benefactors at Consumers Union has launched a new website and advertising campaign to step up its efforts to alert the public to the perils of the deal.

Starting this morning, consumers can go to for more information about how the sale of NBC to Comcast will likely mean less choice and higher cable bills. Additionally, you’ll be able to write directly to the FCC to voice your opinion on the sale.

To publicize the site and draw further attention to the cause, CU is unveiling a 10’x22′ mobile billboard in Washington, D.C., featuring the “cable constrictor” and letting people know, “Don’t Constrict Choice – Reject the Comcast Buyout of NBC.”

The same imagery and message will also be appearing in print and online media aimed at D.C. policymakers.

Says Consumers Union policy counsel Parul P. Desai:

Regulators should reject Comcast’s buyout of NBC because it’s a bad deal for consumers and competition… In this economy, consumers should not be at risk of higher prices for cable and Internet service. While the companies have said they won’t engage in anticompetitive practices, Comcast has earned deep distrust. Comcast routinely raises rates, requires customers to buy packages of channels they don’t watch to get the few they do, and slaps stiff penalties on people who want to move to another broadband company for better service. Allowing Comcast to take over the content by NBC Universal could mean consumers would pay higher prices and have fewer media choices.

So if you want to voice your opinion about the Comcast/NBC deal, head over to


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