4th Amendment Underwear

Safeguard your junk while asserting your rights in this fetching line of underwear featuring the 4th amendment – the one about unreasonable search and seizure – emblazoned in metallic ink. The maker claims the words are readable on TSA scanners. “Let them know they’re spying at the privates of a private citizen,” reads one of their slogans.

I have not personally tried this product but it’s a clever concept.

4th Amendmentwear [Cargo Collective] (Thanks to Dirk!)


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  1. macoan says:

    Great idea – think the print would be too small for most to notice or take the time to try to read.

    A simple “Stop looking at my junk” in big print…. or “I hope they don’t find this” to make the TSA scratch their heads.

  2. dohtem says:

    Sigh… cute but you are just asking for trouble.

    How do you answer, “why do you have metallic ink on your underwear?”

    • Alvis says:

      Because your job exists.

    • Marlin says:

      Thats a simple answer…

      Why you really need to see my underwear? Your scanner can;t even detect many common bomb materials, like those used by the underwaer bomber; so again why do you need to see my underwear?

    • dolemite says:

      “Because like it says…I don’t agree with unreasonable search and seizure sir…and while I might be forced through this circus you call airport security, I won’t be silent about it.”

      • AngryK9 says:

        To which you will get the reply “Well it doesn’t matter if you agree or not it is the policy. Please follow me to this little room so you can strip”

  3. obits3 says:

    4th Amendment undies, for those who really want “to be secure in their persons”

  4. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Love it. Too bad the print is so small!

  5. obits3 says:

    If you wear this underwear, the terrorist win…

    Oh wait!

  6. Jim M says:

    LOL. New pic for me.

  7. HoJu says:

    They’re boxers. They’ll be all bunched up and the text would be all over the place. The right side of the photo seems chopped.

  8. obits3 says:

    I wonder if they have a braille version for the pat downs?

  9. denros says:

    You know, I’ve always wondered – girls get to “show off” with cleavage, but there’s never really been a male equivalent – that is until these scanners came out. I, for one, welcome our pervy overlords, and the new-found ability to make males jealous and females quiver. (Or, the opposite) (not that there’s anything wrong with that. )

  10. Tim says:

    a. Isn’t the crotchal area blocked out on the scans anyway?
    b. The photo seems to be from a full-powered x-ray, showing bones and all. The backscatter doesn’t go below skin.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      no, that’s a large part of the problem many people [myself included] have with the scans – they do NOT block out any areas.
      after reading various letters and objections from scientists saying that the backscatter xrays will have potential impact more on the testes than other areas of the body, i’m getting the impression that the area gets plenty of exposure during the scan.

      • dohtem says:

        i’m getting the impression that the area gets plenty of exposure during the scan.

        I would assume it does too. Remember, we now have the backscatter because of the underpants bomber.

      • bwcbwc says:

        It’s even worse: if there is something that blocks your crotch such as a sanitary napkin being worn by a lady, you get the patdown because it blocks the view of your “junk”. And the analysis of the safety of the backscatter radiation may be flawed as well. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126833083

        • ConsumerPop says:

          For some reason that never popped into my mind…but I would be HORRIFIED if they saw my feminine products on there.

          • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

            i’ve read comments on some of the articles including one where a woman said that when her feminine product [pad] showed as a fuzzy blob, a TSA agent reached between her legs during the grope-down and started pinching the pad and moving it around to see what it was. fortunately it WAS a female TSA agent according to the comment but still, ew.

    • snowmentality says:

      The crotchal area is very much not blocked out. In fact, if it’s blurry on the scan, they’ll give you a grope-pat-down just to make sure you’re not hiding explosives in your blurred groin (see Dave Barry). They want to be able to see your junk in crisp, clear, intimate detail.

  11. minjche says:

    The size of the block of text in each photo does not match up at all, and the scanners can’t penetrate your chest cavity as shown.

    Plus you’re purposefully subjecting yourself to xray radiation to prove a point? Taken to the extreme that’s like shooting yourself to make a point about gun control.

    I’ll pass.

  12. raybury says:

    Loosen your belt — oops, it’s already off — because this will probably send you to pat-down every time, and the easiest way to clear the “alarm” is to display your metallic ink up close, since you don’t want the TSO feeling each letter.

  13. ClaudeKabobbing says:

    Wont the metallic ink set off metal detectors which would then require a patdown and even more screening?

    • humphrmi says:

      The makers say it doesn’t. I, having worked in airport security (pre-TSA) can attest that a metal in such small amounts will never set off a metal detector.

    • The cake is a lie! says:

      The same could be said about the fillings in your teeth or the metal in your eyeglasses. I’ve never been asked to take my wedding ring, glasses, or dental work out before passing through a metal detector. I wonder if those machines are testing for density or just mass…?

  14. blinky says:

    I want one with a really big… oh never mind.

  15. Jozef says:

    I’m getting some metallic paint to do advertisements on my undershirts. “For a good time, call 555-1357”

  16. Kat@Work says:

    If you’re wearing this during a scan, aren’t you already forfeiting your 4th amendment rights?

  17. rich says:

    Penn and Teller have something similar, a metal credit card with the Bill of Rights printed on it. With the fourth amendment highlighted of course.

  18. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    The only thing is that these decals are too high up to be any use. You can clearly still see all the junk in that picture.

  19. ZIMMER! says:

    Love it!

  20. Joe Dirt says:

    The site shows the same picture of a dude being x-rayed twice with the writting in two diffrent places (photoshopped). And the detail of the x-ray looks much crisper than the TSA scanners. I bet TSA can’t read it.

    • lyllydd says:

      You’re right in assuming the TSA can’t read the text, but it’s not because of the placement of the T-shirt.
      Who said TSA screeners made it past second grade?

  21. human_shield says:

    They should have shortened it to just a big “F U”

  22. zappo says:

    Wearing this type of thing is asking for a strip search, which is perfectly legal if there is a slight suspicion that you could be hiding something in your underwear, like a box-cutter or a sharpened non-metallic blade.

  23. Difdi says:

    This reminds me of those t-shirts that have the 1st amendment written on them in arabic.

  24. SassySoy says:

    hahahaahh thats really clever. :D You can get really crazy with that. But they would probably arrest you for having a metallic gun on your ass…

  25. SG-Cleve says:

    Careful, the backscatter x-rays cause the metallic ink to get super-heated.

  26. BethM says:

    I can still see his balls in that picture… underwear not effective.

  27. ndonahue says:

    Compare text location in left and right pics. That ‘shopped guy has got those boxers hiked up pretty high. A permanent wedgie is too high a price to pay for passive aggressive civil disobedience.

  28. Vandil says:

    Capitalism is alive and well, even when our constitutional liberties are under attack.

  29. snowmentality says:

    Yeah, if you wear these, you’ll get an extra special pat-down/feel-up, with bonus grab-and-squeeze action. “We thought it was an underwear bomb! Can’t be too careful!”

    General TSA policy seems to be that if anything obscures the junk-viewing in any way, it’s time for junk-touching.

    I’d rather just write F*** YOU in metallic ink on my back, in really big letters. At least then I’d know for sure they saw it, and the ensuing molestation would almost be worth it.

  30. ResearchGuy says:

    Why are people so in an uproar over these damn scanners? Newsflash: even if the scanner operators could e-mail the (not exceptionally sexy nor revealing) photo of you going through the scanner, no one would want to see it. Face it folks – you are not that interesting. No one wants to see your blurry junk or blobbity boobs. Got nothing to hide? No contraband, ceramic knives, plastic weapons? Good! Move it along and find something of value to be upset about.

    • Groanan says:

      Right, submit to authority and be inspected, you have nothing to hide right?
      Take the dose of radiation and pass on through.

    • SixOfOne says:

      Skin cancer, and the right to not be subjected to devices that will invariably cause it.

    • lyllydd says:

      Radiation that permits people to see my girlie supplies, and the fact that the people operating the machines do not wear dosimeter badges.

    • lyllydd says:

      My something else of value…
      1. The radiation used will allow strangers to view my girlie supplies if I happen to be wearing them when I travel.
      2. These are x-ray machines, so the TSA agents are also exposed to radiation – in fact, more than the traveling public is, since they have to be operating the machines for 8-10 hours per day, 24-7. Yet they have no protective clothing and no dosimeter badges.
      3. The scanners and pat-downs are both forms of sexual molestation.

  31. arualflower says:

    It obviously does not obscure TWO THINGS….

  32. aikoto says:

    Or just opt out of the scan… Seems easier.

  33. Mole90 says:

    They should make one that reads. “Objects in x-ray may appear smaller than they are”. :)

  34. nikki says:

    Hasn’t anybody noticed this does nothing to hide his parts ?

    One could probably use Zinc Oxide Sunscreen to write messages for TSA to consider.

    In fact, an enterprising person could coat their entire private parts with it for one heck of a display !

  35. nocturnaljames says:

    Yeah that will teach them to violate your constitutional rights! The irony is all Federal employees must swear an oath to uphold the constitution, yet they violate it as a matter of procedure in their jobs.