30 Million Farmville Users Get Lives, Stop Playing

After a 15-month reign of inexplicable Facebook domination, Farmville has ceded its crown to Phrases, a quote, image and quiz-posting app.

MSNBC’s Technolog blog reports Farmville has sunk to a still-ridiculous 54 million monthly users, down from a high of 84 million earlier in the year. The app has been hemorrhaging users since bickering with Facebook over the in-game currency system.

Citing Gamasutra, Technolog warns that Farmville developer Zynga will not go down without a fight, and will soon launch a new app dubbed Cityville.

If you’re a former Farmvillian, when and why did you stop playing?

FarmVille no longer king of the Facebook hill [MSNBC’s Technolog]

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