Dealership Sells Car To Elderly Man With Dementia, Who Then Dies After High-Speed Chase

Police are seeking criminal charges against two car salesmen who sold a 67-year-old wheelchair-bound man with dementia a new truck. He died later that day after suffering a heart attack, following a high-speed chase with police in his new vehicle.

“It was obvious to look at him that he was a very sick man,” his wife told KCRA. Despite his visible mental impairment, and wheelchair, the salesmen proceeded to sell him the truck.

Previously he had tried to buy the truck by getting a taxi to the dealership, but his plot was foiled when the driver came into the rest home where he lived and asked the staff if he was okay.

This time the salesman picked him up, still in his pajamas and slippers, from the nursing home in his new truck and drove him to the lot to sign the papers.

“I think the rights of my husband were violated and he was taken advantage of,” his wife told The Modesto Bee. “There were so many signals that they should have checked a little bit further.”

Hey, those nice guys can use their commission towards their bail bond.

Manteca police seek criminal charges against car dealership [The Modesto Bee]
Car Dealership Could Face Criminal Charges [KCRA] (Thanks to Mikey!)

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