90 Percent Of E-tailers Will Participate In Cyber Monday

Just as gamblers use Monday Night Football to make up for their brutal disappointments throughout the weekend, shoppers who fall short during Black Friday mayhem turn to online shopping on Cyber Monday to snatch up the supposed best deals available.

Shop.org, which coined the term in 2005, cites a BigResearch poll that found 9 out of 10 online retailers will offer some sort of special, one-day deals on Monday.

So the deals will certainly be there for you Monday. The question is, will you partake? Weigh in by answering our poll:

Cyber Monday Significance Rises as Nine in Ten Retailers Plan Special Promotions [Shop.org]


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  1. macoan says:

    If there is a good deal including shipping – yes, I’ll participate.

    If there is not a good deal, or something I do not need – then no, I will not participate.

    • Supes says:

      Ahh… shipping’s just already included in the price of the “free shipping” deals. Free shipping or not doesn’t matter at all, just the total price… base + shipping + tax.

  2. HoJu says:

    Why do we not know what the deals will be like we do for black Friday?

    • Raekwon says:

      My guess is because you don’t need to plan out your times, routes and camp the day before like Black Friday. Plus stores all pretty much “open” at the same time and “close” at the same time. No ever increasing push to open an hour before everyone else.

    • macoan says:

      For black friday, stores need to print ad’s months in advance to get them all printed & distributed.

      For Cyber Monday – heck, it’s “Oh, we have a lot of xxx in stock, let through that out as a deal today” and takes very little time to create an on-line deal.

  3. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    For impulse, 1-day only buys like Cybe Monday, I will generally only be willing to purchase if it’s an item I’ve already researched, and this item is well rated.

  4. Cameraman says:

    Nope. I’m broke.

  5. LadyTL says:

    Wasn’t there a bunch of stories last year about people getting “great deals” from an online retailer and then not getting their stuff at all because they “ran out”?

  6. Outrun1986 says:

    If something I already want is discounted, then I will probably buy it, especially if its a discount I am not likely to see again. I am not splurging on tons of extra crap I don’t need, but I am not the type of person to do that anyways.

  7. jessjj347 says:

    Most stores I know of are starting sales already. E.Gg., Amazon started yesterday and Newegg has been having sales all month long.

  8. suez says:

    I’m only interesting in buying the things I’m already looking for, and only then if it’s a good deal. I’m too broke to splurge shop. As for chosing between Black Friday or Cyber Monday, to me it’s a no-brainer.

  9. bsh0544 says:

    Maybe, but I’ve never seen any terribly impressive Cyber Monday deals. Maybe Steam will have something good.

    I really came to comment that I love that picture.

  10. pot_roast says:

    I just want the phrase “Cyber Monday” to die, since it’s not even really accurate.


    The wikipedia article has been rewritten by the shop.org people, so it’s unreliable.

    • nbs2 says:

      Just because it isn’t the biggest doesn’t make it an inaccurate term for the purpose intended – getting shoppers to look at on-line shopping as an option. Look at AmEx’s “Small Business Saturday” push. I doubt that 11/27 will be the busiest shopping day of the year for small businesses.

  11. theblackdog says:

    I’m off this Monday so I may watch the sites for bargains. Knowing my luck I’ll be competing against folks who will have set their alarm clocks for midnight and will buy their stuff within the first minute.

  12. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Yes, though it’ll be to get the best deal on the item I want, not so much to browse for items.

  13. davidsco says:

    Other than to help the ridiculous retailers, I can figure out why there is still a “cyber Monday” The whole idea behind it was that back when everyone had dial-up or no Internet Access at home, they’d wait until the following Monday to use their office’s faster Internet to do shopping. That’s no longer the case

  14. Not Given says:

    That’s the day I’m filing for bankruptcy.

  15. Michael S. says:

    Sorry will not purchase anything on Cyber Monday, unless it was 95% off.