Eddie Bauer Goes Above And Beyond, Even To Afghanistan

Derek is serving in Afghanistan with the U.S. military. He writes that he ordered a fleece jacket from Eddie Bauer, but didn’t provide a necessary part of his APO address. Eddie Bauer came through with fantastic awesomeness and sent a free replacement fleece….with two-day shipping

I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan, and I thought I would share a
story about Eddie Bauer’s incredible customer service.

I ordered a fleece from them on September 29th figuring it would get
here around 2 weeks later. It never came. I called their customer
service line earlier this week only to find out that when ordering
online from an APO address, I needed to provide the four digit number
after the zip code in order to get something from Eddie Bauer shipped
out here. Since I didn’t have the number handy, the CSR on the other end
(Diana) said that if I call back with the number she would go ahead and
have another fleece shipped out free of charge.

It took me two days to get this geographic ID number, so I called them
back this morning. A different CSR (Michelle) answered the phone this
time, although she seemed to be a little confused and apprehensive once
I gave her the information that the previous CSR told me to give. After
being put on hold for a couple minutes, I was delighted to find out that
she was not only going to ship another fleece out to me, but since it
was on sale for $5 less than what I originally bought it for back in
September, she was also going to add two day shipping to the order!
Because of the APO shipping process, it’s not going to get here in two
days, but it will definitely be here sooner than the two weeks the other
fleece should have taken.

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