Comcast Still Billing Customer For Account Canceled in 2006

Dan canceled his Comcast service almost five years ago, in January 2006. He moved to Korea in 2008. You might assume that the company would have stopped billing him by now. You would be wrong.

He copied Consumerist on his letter to more than a dozen Comcast executives.

I am sorry to have to escalate this issue to the highest levels of Comcast leadership, but my efforts at resolving this issue at the city and region levels over the last 4 years (5 in January) have not been successful.

I cancelled my Comcast service in January 2006, and despite all efforts to stop the billing, it has continued. I intially started the complaint process at the local [redacted] VA office where it fell on deaf ears. Because I was still in the local area, I kept calling every 2-3 months to have them zero out the balance of my account and make promises to cancel my account. I then moved overseas and have been working and living in Korea since May 2008. Throughout the years, I’ve spoken with customer representatives, managers, executive level customer support.. I’ve even spoken with a manager in Mexico who promised he’d take care of it. Unfortunately it hasn’t been taken care of. I even recieved a letter from one of your Northern Virginia executive offices telling me in writing that my service had been cancelled, all my balances zeroed out, and that I would recieve no more billing notices. The next month, I recieved another bill. After filing a complaint with the BBB (which apparantly didn’t do any good) I gave up.

So my routine is now whenever I recieve a Comcast bill (every month) I just shred it because I know I’ll get another next month. And while I really enjoy speaking with your customer representatives at 2 in the morning (big time difference here in Korea), I’d rather not.

Please help. My account number is [redacted] for service at [redacted], VA (I haven’t lived there since Jan 2006).

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