The Beatles Finally Come To iTunes

All day Monday, Apple had been promising some sort of life-changing announcement regarding its iTunes store. Would it be cloud-based streaming for music and video? A change in its pricing? No — it’s the Beatles.

As recently as August, John Lennon widow Yoko Ono had been telling fans “don’t hold your breath” about expecting a deal that would bring the Beatles’ music to the world of digital downloads.

But it looks like the long-standing issues between Apple (the computer company), Apple (the Beatles’ holding company) and EMI Group have finally been resolved. All 13 of the Fab Four’s studio albums are now available for download. So if you for some reason haven’t ripped the White Album off a CD while waiting for all this malarkey to resolve itself, here’s your chance to download it in a completely legit manner.

Most of the albums are selling for $12.99 (the White Album and three compilation albums are each priced at $19.99) with individual tracks selling for $1.29 each. The box set of all the studio albums is selling for $149.00.

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