Call Mastercard To Report A Merchant Breaking Rules, Get Your Account Frozen

Christopher meant well. He tells Consumerist that he called his credit card company to let them know about a merchant that posted a minimum charge amount to use a credit card. MBNA, in turn, decided that Christopher didn’t sound like he “was supposed to” and froze his account.

I called mastercard to report that a business was requiring a minimum purchase amount to use my card, they froze my card because I didn’t sound like I “was supposed to” and I was left without a credit card for the long weekend till I got home and called from my home number. (I was visiting friends in another city)

Depending on when this story took place, Christopher didn’t need to make that call, anyway. Mastercard now allows merchants to have a minimum purchase amount to use your credit card – up to $10.

AMEX, Visa, MasterCard All Give Thumbs Up To $10 Credit Card Minimums