United Doesn't Care That I Lost My iPad Onboard

Bob was in such a hurry to get off a United flight he left his iPad at his seat, and didn’t realize his mistake until he had crossed the security checkpoint. He tried like hell to rescue his lost tablet, even using the MobileMe function that’s discovered the whereabouts of many a swiped idevice, to no avail. He says United has been less than helpful.

Bob writes:

I was on a flight back on September 26th, from Denver to Seattle

I left my expensive Ipad in the seat back pocket.

By the time I realized my mistake, I was already out of the security area of the airport

I tried every conceivable way to help them locate my iPad. I called everyone that I can find online and thru my contacts at United. All I have gotten is cookie cutter emails and answering machines. The customer service centers are overseas and have been absolutely atrocious

I have the Mobile.Me service that would help locate the Ipad if it were turned on
and removed from flight mode. It has been so long, that it would need to be charged
before it would do anything.

My big suspicion is that the device went into a box and will eventually end up for sale at their overgoods center because no one will take a little bit of extra time to help find its owner.

I realize that I am the one who made the mistake and left it on the plane I could make excuses about how they made us late getting into Seattle and I was in a rush but, bottom line, I left it on the plane.

They have been absolutely worthless in resolving this matter.

If you’ve ever managed to retrieve a lost carry-on valuable, how did you pull off the feat?

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