Food Network, HGTV Back On AT&T U-Verse

Food voyeurs can rest easy, the the Scripps channels are back on U-Verse after a short blackout.

The two sides had been gearing up for a public PR battle, but apparently we’ll be spared that pain. We at Consumerist are especially grateful, because we’re really getting sick of writing about these blackouts.

Apparently people get quite annoyed when you take their food porn away:

“AT&T U-verse customers, we have been overwhelmed by your loyalty and support of (HGTV) and our other networks — DIY, Food Network, Cooking Channel and GAC,” AT&T said in a statement.

Reader Ed says he was able to call U-Verse and get a $50 credit and a movie channel package free for 6 months, so at least there’s that.

Food Network, HGTV, back on U-verse [Chicago Tribune]

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