Amazon To Get Even More Amazon-y With Purchase Of &

Taking one step closer to becoming the Acme Corporation from the Road Runner cartoons, announced today that it plans to purchase the company that owns both and for $500 million. Because, why not?

Shareholders of Quidsi Inc, which is behind the two aforementioned sites as well, have approved the deal, which is expected to close in December.

According to Reuters, the newly acquired sites will operate independently and the Quidsi brass will remain intact.

Most of us don’t have kids, but we know there are some fans out there. Any thoughts on the news? to buy owner of, others [Reuters]


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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:


  2. Alvis says:

    Phil has kids.

  3. evnmorlo says:

    The government has given up on anti-monopoly enforcement. What could possibly go wrong?

    • NeverLetMeDown says:

      Yes, definitely, given that there are NO other ways to buy household products.

      US retail sales (ex-autos) were about $3.5 TRILLION last year. Amazon was $24.5 BILLION. That’s well under 1%.

      From an antitrust perspective, this deal is meaningless.

      • evnmorlo says:

        World domination isn’t necessary to monopolize a sector. Sure, you could fly across the country to buy a product, but you would rather have some choice online, and not just for availability but for pricing and service. It looks like online sales are around $200 billion, so Amazon’s 25%+ position is significant. Subtract grocery stores and the other partial monopolies like Walmart and Amazon’s share of the total retail sales also starts looking important

        • NeverLetMeDown says:

          Math is your friend. Online sales were $200BN. Amazon had $25BN. That’s 12.5%, not 25%.

          Also, they’ve got tougher price competition than any physical retailer, since they’re essentially competing with every other online store, including those of Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc etc etc, and price comparison is incredibly easy. You want to see actual lack of retail competition? Take a look at the prices of a mom & pop store in a poor urban neighborhood.

  4. Tim says:

    I’d never heard of before. This is a pretty awesome site.

    Except they seem to not have any generics … hmm.

  5. arsenicookie says:

    Damn I just wish I was the one that thought of As long as they don’t take away the free two day shipping or ability to use manufacturers coupons it’s fine by me.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says: is great!

      I don’t know much about it but I was told Amazon has something similar called ‘Amazon Mom’ which is a cross between Amazon Prime and

  6. jerrycomo says:

    Yes, that will mean more products to promote!

  7. princewally says:

    Amazon tends to do a good job of letting its acquisitions remain independent and in control. See

  8. D0rk says:

    Interesting how they’re letting them still operate separately. They did this with recently, others like Zappos.

  9. Red Cat Linux says:

    wait, wait, wait… there is a site, that just sells soap…. No.. OK, it’s an online drug store sans pharmacy.

    I feel better because if all they did was carry soap, why don’t they have the only soap I use?

  10. AllanG54 says:

    But, will I be able to buy Amway crap from them too?

  11. jennesy says:

    I love! Like someone else said, as long as the super fast shipping and coupons stay, it’s fine by me.

  12. elvisaintdead says:

    Amazon rules! Brick-and-mortar drools.


  13. Jubei says:

    We recently stopped buying from because… wait for it… Amazon is cheaper for the stuff we use.

  14. MrWhistler says:

    Bloomberg did a great article about the guys that founded I guess they model everything they do after Bezos and looked to Amazon as inspiration (but built off of it in their own way). They seem like really cool guys…it’ll be interesting to see what they do next…

  15. shopalooza says:

    I love shopping on whenever they have deals like the recent Groupon $10 for $20 worth of products. It came with FREE 1-2 day shipping, too! I hope they’d continue their deals once they’re acquired by Amazon.

  16. ExtraCelestial says:

    I’m rather obsessed with California Baby products (I don’t have kids, but their formulas are liquid gold for my finicky skin) and has THE best prices, free 2 day shipping and are often the only place I can find some of the products. I love me some ‘zon, but I will be pissed if they eff up the relationship between me and my source. I may even have to cut a bitch.

  17. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:
  18. Anonymously says:

    New dad here. Is Costco the way to go for cheapest diapers, or or Frugal parents, please help!

    • IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

      After trying so many brands, expensive and store brands, the one I liked best even better than Huggies or Pampers was Target. No leaks and awesome price.
      We used washables during the first 3 months when I was home.

    • Consumer David says:

      Until the end of December, the best deal on Diapers is by Amazon. Join amazon “mom” at, it’s free and will permit you to get 30% and free 2nd day air shipping on diapers when you use subscribe & save, which can be canceled right after the product ships. BONUS: If you have access to the November issues of Parents or Parenting magazine, look for green 20% off diapers coupons from Amazon. It’s stackable so you can get diapers for 50% off with free shipping! …ebay has the coupons too. -credit to slickdeals

    • Anonymously says:

      Cool, thanks for the advice. :)

  19. Jason Litka says:

    I don’t have kids but I hate Amazon. They have, for a reason they won’t explain to me, banned my email address from their store. They let me sign up again, place one order, they ship, and then they email me telling me that they’re blocking my account and that I’m not permitted to return anything or contact customer support.

    My account at work is fine, as is my wife’s account at home. They just don’t want any orders from my email.

    It’s fine by me, anyone that operates with such a level of obscurity that they won’t say why I’m not wanted as a customer (I’ve placed very few personal orders over the past few years, mostly CDs and DVDs, never returned anything, never sold anything on their site) is too shady for me to do business with anyway.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Have you considered that it’s been flagged because you’ve tried so many times? Just use a different email address.

  20. zantafio says:

    What’s next for Amazon? Adam and Eve?

  21. Darraign the Sane says:

    “Taking one step closer to becoming the Acme Corporation from the Road Runner cartoons, announced today…”

    Eh, you can’t buy rocket skates, road runner traps, or an anvil on…

    oh… well.

  22. Elphaba says:

    Buy and Large SuperStore: All you need and So much more!!