Insurance Agency Stops Me From Saving Money On My Windshield Deductible

Guy’s windshield lost a battle with a flying rock, and his insurance company gave him a similar cold-cocking when he tried to find a way to save some money on his deductible. His Sate Farm insurance agent said he wasn’t allowed to repair the windshield through a company that promised him $50 off his upfront costs.

He writes:

I recently had a run in with a large rock while driving down the highway. The damage requires that I have the windshield replaced, something that I have had to do far too often I’m afraid. Anyway it just so happens that last week I received a coupon in the mail from a local glass company offering $50 off of my insurance deductible. My wife called to schedule the appointment and mentioned the coupon and was told that State Farm (my insurance company) won’t allow a coupon to be applied towards my deductible.

This doesn’t make any sense to me. How can State Farm control whether an independent company chooses to give me a discount? If the auto glass company wants to give me $50 off my deductible how is it State Farms business? After all it is the company that is giving me a discount and making a lesser profit – not State Farm.

I’m not insured by State Farm, but have faced similar situations when looking for companies to replace my windshield. The competition is so fierce that some cut you checks in return for your business. I’ve found the best policy is to book the appointment and then let the contractor haggle with your insurance company to seal the deal.

Asking for permission from your insurance company beforehand is a sure way to failure, since insurers have preferred companies they work with who aren’t keen on passing along their profits to you.

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